Minimalist Tile

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Minimalist Tile

A minimalist approach to design resonates consistently across many schools of artistic thought. Trends come and trends go, but the minimalists are always  present to one degree or another. I recently found a nice piece in Architectural Digest, “The Building Blocks for a Minimalist Home” by Lindsey Mather . Why don’t we use this as a starting point for our conversation on Minimalist Tile.

Ms. Mather opens her work by noting that minimalist living is “more popular than ever these days, but what happens once you get rid of all those items you no longer need or want”. This is reinforced by her reference to a book that I instantly purchased, “Simple Home: Calm Space for Comfortable Living”. Please allow us to summarize a few of the points in the book that will lead us to our topic of tile in a minimalist setting. Think about these four things:

1. Let light into your spaces.

2. Work with subtle colors in your design plan.

3. Let natural materials like wood and iron be as they are.

4. Maintain order and organization.

Minimalist Tile

Here at Marble Systems we feel that we can address almost any style. That said, please take a look at a few of the images we have selected to reflect our abilities in the arena of Minimalist Tile. At the very top of the post you see an example of light, subtle colors and order with our Metro Porcelain Collection. Immediately above is Vecchio Cemento with its obvious minimalist bent.

In closing, we offer another fine illustration above of light, simple color values and order with the Silver Clouds Collection. Please understand that tile comes in many mediums. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, stone in tile form, terracotta tile, etc. When you select tile from any of these categories and they feature square corners, straight edges, minimal visual movement, and a relatively smooth finish you are in the minimalist world.

Marbles Systems has locations across the United States and in Puerto Rico. The design professionals that inhabit these spaces are very capable of guiding you down this or any other design path that you may choose. Thanks for reading!

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