Brown is Back

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Yes! We said it. Brown is Back. Now before you change the channel, so to speak, please hear us out. We all know what design life looked like before the Great Recession. My recollection is a symphony of all things charitably referred to as beige. This was coupled with some serious elaboration and details.

The post-recession world turned us towards a minimalism of sorts. Design plans have featured whites and grays and perhaps a “little bit less is a little bit more” attitude. Enter Modern Farmhouse and exposed wood beams and reclaimed wood planking.

Brown is back

Recently we found a very interesting post by Jacquelyn Clark where she commented on Design Trends for 2018. Ms. Clark concurs on the role of brown going forward and said, “Okay, you’re going to have to hear me out on this one… Because, you guys, brown is back. I feel confident that blues and greys aren’t going anywhere anytime soon (I’m of the firm belief that they’re timeless and classic), but I have noticed a huge shift towards warmer colour palettes as of late. It started last year with a resurgence of warm whites, and now encompasses everything from tans and taupes to caramel and cognac, and beyond. In order to avoid a space that feels 70’s gone bad, the secret to this one is to bring it in through the use of natural materials. Lots of wood, woven baskets, soft linens, and leather moments are the name of the game, and I’m into it full tilt.”

Brown is back

Marble Systems is always working to source the correct products in natural stone and tile to satisfy the needs of almost any design plan. Our idea that Brown is Back is supported by imagery through out this post from the Emperador Dark Marble Collection. Should you wish to explore brown as a fundamental color value in your next project, we can certainly help. Check out our locations here and thanks for reading!

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