Bianco Carrara Marble: All You Need To Know

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White Carrara Polished Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic 11x11

White Carrara Polished Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic

White Carrara Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic 11x11

White Carrara Honed Herringbone 1x2 Marble Mosaic

Carrara Blend Honed Herringbone 5/8x3 Marble Mosaic 10 7/16x12 13/16

Carrara Blend Honed Herringbone 5/8x3 Marble Mosaic


What Is Bianco Carrara Marble?

Marble is arguably the most coveted material in all of interior design. There is no place in the world where homeowners haven’t used or wished to use the luxurious stone. Centuries-old and still appealing in the modern world, marble cannot be denied as a truly iconic staple in everything from art to architecture.

White tiles are popular due to their visually striking appearance and how well they blend in with other interior and exterior elements. One of the best examples of an outstanding variation of white marble is the White Carrara Marble. White Carrara Marble has long been hailed as the most widely known. It is a lovely type of Italian Carrara Marble mined from the beautiful mountains of Tuscany. Later, shipped all over the world to add an elevated touch to both residential and commercial spaces.

White Carrara Honed  Marble Tile 12x24

White Carrara Honed Marble Tile

White Carrara Honed  Marble Tile 12x12

White Carrara Honed Marble Tile


This article focuses on Bianco Carrara Marble and all of the ways in which it’s used to enhance the look of kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces. Below we will explore how this fantastic stone functions and is utilized to make spaces brighter, lighter, and more luxurious.

Bianco Carrara Marble is made primarily of calcium carbonate which develops through a metamorphic process in which sedimentary rock slowly heats up. During the process, the minerals fuse and form the unique veining that marble for which marble is so beloved. Each piece of Bianco Carrara Marble is one of a kind thanks to its organic formation so each piece will have an individual charm.



There are records of extracted Carrara marble that date back to 100-200 B.C. So it is safe to say that Carrara marble is not a material that has lost its steam and appeal. As of the 19th century, the methods to extract Carrara marble improved in a major way making marble accessible to homeowners and businesses that wish to make a regal statement.


Put white Carrara marble in your entryway, line the walls of your kitchen with crisp white Carrara marble backsplash, or create an entire Carrara marble bathroom. Homeowners who gravitate toward marble have chosen to go the route of luxury instead of weighing the pros and cons of other materials. Selecting opulent Italian Carrara Marble helps you avoid debating the benefits of other stones like quartz vs granite, or porcelain vs slate which are nice but lack the same reputation.

We want to make it clear that marble tile is suitable for more than floors. White marble can be used to enhance the look of any room in the house and can also be placed on walls. If you want to have a showroom-worthy bathroom white Carrara marble is a fantastic option for shower walls. Simple smooth slabs of Carrara can be used or you can have a more dynamic look using a Carrara marble mosaic.

Carrara Blend Honed Hexagon 2 Marble Mosaic 10 3/8x12

Carrara Blend Honed Hexagon 2 Marble Mosaic

Carrara Blend Honed Staggered Joint 5/8x5/8 Marble Mosaic 12x12

Carrara Blend Honed Staggered Joint 5/8x5/8 Marble Mosaic


Features of Bianco Carrara Marble

In case you need more reasons to appreciate the beauty and power of Bianco Carrara Marble, here are the major benefits of using this captivating natural stone.


Marble is a natural stone that developed over years from a long-standing process that makes it extremely hardwearing and durable. Carrara marble withstands extremes of force and heat so it ages well. Bianco Carrara Marble has a low porosity rating meaning it absorbs low levels of moisture. This allows Carrara marble to flourish in the kitchen tiles and bathrooms. The one exception applies to acidic liquids such as wines and citric juices. Check out our natural stone maintenance article to keep your marble tiles brand new. These are substances that have the ability to stain or damage marble so they should be cleaned up immediately. So if you have Carrara marble countertops, Carrara marble backsplash, or Carrara marble floor tiles avoid letting harmful substances sit on the surface for long.


White Carrara marble is beautiful with its rich veining and bright vivid base so it makes bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens more visually interesting. A Carrara marble slab can be easily cut into a countertop or stunning Carrara marble tiles. Compared to other natural stone slabs like white granite countertops marble is considered supreme. Marble countertops are a top choice for both kitchens and bathrooms.

When it comes to flooring, a few types of floor tiles look better than a marble kitchen floor. Carrara marble is not the only version that would make breathtaking flooring, you have white statuary and White Calacatta Marble which have a similar

White Carrara C Polished  Marble Tile 12x24

White Carrara C Polished Marble Tile

White Carrara C Polished  Marble Tile 2 3/4x5 1/2

White Carrara C Polished Marble Tile




The versatility of a white Carrara marble bathroom tile idea can be all white and exude an airy crispness or it can be a moody black bathroom theme and contrast with white Carrara marble. White Carrara marble comes in honed, antiqued, chiseled, and polished finishes so you can achieve the level of shine and light reflection that works best for your space and aesthetic.

Needless to say, white Carrara marble has stood the test of time and will continue to be in high demand. It is a fabulous stone variation with an abundance of uses so its popularity and appeal are not going to go out of style.

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