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5 Best Backsplash Styles for Honey Oak Cabinets

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Today’s honey oak kitchen cabinets are not the cabinets that were widely popular in the 1980s and 90s. Modern-day honey oak kitchen cabinets feature cooler tones that are less orange so they will blend much better with a variety of unique design elements.

If you want to know which backsplash is the best backsplash for honey oak cabinets then you have arrived at your destination. We have listed the most beautiful types of backsplash to pair with honey oak cabinetry, so you can decide which of these is right for you. You may be surprised to find that several of these styles fit into your desired color and pattern scheme.

What Is a Backsplash?

honey oak kitchen backsplash ideas with oak cabinets

Backsplashes are any material that is laid onto walls to help create a visual backdrop to other elements of the kitchen. Backsplashes serve to fill in the wall space that lies between counters and cabinets and is typically used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Backsplashes can be as thin as a couple of inches to line the tops of countertops or they can extend all the way up to the ceiling. Options for backsplashes are also plentiful. Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes can be ceramic, porcelain, glass, and marble tiles, among other materials.

What Are the Benefits of a Backsplash?

honey oak modern kitchen with oak cabinets

The benefits of adding a backsplash to oak cabinets are many. Backsplash allows you to seamlessly bridge the gap between your oak cabinets and creates a visual layer to your space. Other benefits of pairing kitchen backsplash with cabinets includes ease of cleaning and protection of the underlying wall. If you choose a high-end material like marble, you can also look forward to your backsplash adding value to your home.

How to Choose the Best Backsplash for Honey Oak Cabinets

backsplash for oak cabinets

Don’t get overwhelmed with the process. Make choosing the best backsplash for your oak cabinets easy with these easy steps:

Determine Your Budget

Price is important because it will determine which materials are the most affordable for your budget. It will also help you narrow down your choice of style and color, so you can begin to reasonably envision your final result.

If you have a smaller budget, stick to durable materials like porcelain and ceramic. If your budget allows for it, spring for gleaming glass or a luxury natural stone like marble.

Create a Focal Point in the Room

Decide if your backsplash will be just another feature of the kitchen or if it will be a major focal
If you choose the latter, your best bet is to pair your oak cabinets with a backsplash in one of the styles/colors we suggest here.

Use Complementary Counters, Flooring, and Fixtures

The last thing you will want to do is make sure your fixtures (faucets, handles, etc) are in a finish that looks good with honey oak cabinets. Black fixtures and stainless steel are always nice choices for wooden cabinetry.

The color of your countertops also matters. Backsplashes with oak cabinets and dark countertops work nicely in rooms with natural light. Oak cabinets with light backsplashes and light countertops work better in rooms that need artificial light. If you prefer black countertops with oak cabinets, consider installing granite countertops. If you like warm tones, consider using quartz countertops with your honey oak cabinets.

Consider Your Lighting

Lighting is also important because it can determine how your backsplash appears against your cabinets. Make sure you install lights that will showcase the natural beauty of your chosen backsplash and that it will not wash out your dull backsplash’s design.

The 5 Best Backsplash Styles for Honey Oak Cabinets

backsplash with oak cabinets and dark countertops

Here are our top 5 suggestions for statement-making backsplashes with honey oak cabinets.

1. White Marble Backsplash

backsplash for honey oak cabinets
Avalon Marble Collection by Marble Systems.

White is absolutely classic. White backsplashes with honey oak cabinets create a popular look — the Scandinavian motif. Choosing white subway tile backsplash with your oak cabinets will result in airy bliss.

Bianco Dolomiti Classic Honed Meshed Arabesque Marble Mosaic

Size: 11 5/8x12Stock: 364.00 pcs.

Avenza Honed Marble Tile

Size: 2 3/4x5 1/2Stock: 767.92 sq. ft.

Aspen White Honed 1 1/4x6 Marble Mosaic

Size: 12x12Stock: 163.00 pcs.

Aspen White Polished Herringbone Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 1/8x13 3/8Stock: 495.00 pcs.

2. Gray Subway Tile Backsplash

best backsplash for honey oak cabinets
Bella Muro Ceramic Tile Collection by Marble Systems.

Gray subway tile backsplashes with oak cabinets create a sleek and subdued backdrop that allows the cabinets to be the focal point of the kitchen. If you want to offset the warmth of your cabinets, then gray is the way to go. For a durable option, consider going for a gray porcelain subway tile backsplash.

Silver Shadow Polished Subway Marble Tile

Size: 2x8Stock: 235.90 sq. ft.

Argento Matte Fabric Look Porcelain Tile

Size: 12x24Stock: 1,116.00 sq. ft.

Grey Glossy Ceramic Tile

Size: 4x8Stock: 207.53 sq. ft.

Grey Matte Ceramic Tile

Size: 4x8Stock: 155.23 sq. ft.

3. Earth Toned Backsplash

kitchen backsplash with oak cabinets
Kasbah Ceramic Collection by Marble Systems.

Warm backsplash colors like beige, cream, and brown make honey oak cabinets look cozy and modern. An earth-tone backsplash will create a harmonious atmosphere when paired with honey oak countertops. The pairing isn’t as stark as choosing black backsplash, and it’s not as simple as going with white tile.

Butter Glossy Ceramic Tile

Size: 4x4Stock: 577.42 sq. ft.

Vintage Linen Manorca Glossy Ceramic Tile

Size: 6x6Stock: 279.79 sq. ft.

Vintage Linen India Glossy Ceramic Tile

Size: 6x6Stock: 124.37 sq. ft.

Cappuccino Polished Marble Tile

Size: 2 3/4x5 1/2Stock: 460.50 sq. ft.

4. Colorful Backsplash

honey oak oak cabinets with black countertops
Las Palmas Glazed Tile Collection by Marble Systems.

Honey oak cabinets with a green backsplash are an amazing choice. Other out-of-the-box colors like blue tiles can be matched with your cabinets to keep them from looking washed out. These colors are also a good choice as backsplashes for wood cabinets because they come in a plethora of shades that range from vivid to pastel.

Kiss Me Quick Matte Ceramic Tile

Size: 6x6Stock: 253.50 sq. ft.

Sakura Matte Ceramic Tile

Size: 6x6Stock: 338.51 sq. ft.

Witty Green Glossy Tear Field Ceramic Tile

Size: 3 5/8x8Stock: 572.00 pcs.

5. Geometric Backsplash

black countertops with oak cabinets
Metro Wall Ceramic Collection by Country Floors.

A geometric print backsplash also makes the list of kitchen backsplash ideas with oak cabinets because patterns and shapes are ideal for accent walls. Think porcelain tile in eye-catching shapes like hexagons, and chevrons. A geometric backsplash for wood cabinets is the perfect way to modernize your kitchen space.

Barn Glossy Diamante Ceramic Tile

Size: 6x6Stock: 591.00 pcs.

Cold Glossy Longest Hexagon Ceramic Tile

Size: 3x7 7/8Stock: 553.93 pcs.

Skyline, Snow White Honed Monte Marble Mosaic

Size: 12 3/8x12 3/8Stock: 1,746.00 pcs.

White Matte Midi Hexagon Ceramic Mosaic

Size: 8x10Stock: 867.23 sq. ft.

In Conclusion

Honey oak cabinets are a versatile choice for kitchen cabinetry that suits a variety of backslash tile styles. In general, lean towards cool-toned color palettes and geometric tile shapes to make your kitchen feel modern and stylish.

To browse backsplash tiles for wood cabinets, check out ceramic, porcelain, and marble tiles online.

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