100 Great Architectural Works

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Marble Systems has a long proud history as a vendor/partner to architects, designers, and builders across America. As such, we feel it is our duty to be a part of that community in its totality. Therefore, the language of architecture and design means a great deal to us; as do the great examples of iconic buildings that surround us and enhance our lives. Let’ s begin this post on 100 Great Architectural Works.

100 Great Architectural Works
Villa Savoye

I am somewhat devoted to Architectural Digest for many reasons, not the least of which is the occasional informational gem that comes my way by reading. The recent treat was the announcement of a soon to be available book. Rizzoli is publishing  “100 Buildings: 1900–2000“ edited by Pritzker Award winning architect, Tom Mayne. The list was put together by sending questionnaires “asking prominent architects to list the 20th-century buildings students ought to know“. The work includes photos, words, and drawings all overseen by Mr. Mayne.

100 Great Architectural Works
TWA Flight Center

This compilation is a veritable Hall of Fame of architects and their works. The names lead you down an architectural  path of true greatness. Consider a lineup of Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Gehry, Phillip Johnson, Robert Venturi, Richard Rogers, Eero Saarinen, Zaha Hadid, Marcel Breuer, and many more. We have, in this space, included imagery of a just a few, all via AD with our profound thanks. For example, Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier and that revered ode to Mid-Century Modern, the TWA Flight Center by Eero Saarinen are above.

100 Great Architectural Works.
Farnsworth House

It is not possible for me to leave the Farnsworth House, by Mies, out of my image curation for this post, so it is immediately above. As a symbol of the California Arts & Crafts Style, the Gamble House from  Greene and Greene is below. Naturally these four personal selections only superficially touch on the depth of the topic.  But hey, that’s what the book is for.

Gamble House

In conclusion, Marble Systems has locations across the United States and in Puerto Rico. These are places where a taste for refined architectural style can be nurtured and attended to by true stone, tile and glass design professionals. Stop by and visit one and thanks for reading.

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