What To Consider When Choosing Outdoor Stone and Tile

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Tile or landscape stone adds an upscale, stylish touch to patios, porches, and walkways. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite ways to use landscaping stone or cement and porcelain tile outdoors, along with useful tips for a lasting installation. Marble and stone slabs and tiles are used on patios, garden walls, outdoor kitchens, bars, and showers. Before you choose outdoor tile, check with a local installer to discuss your area’s climate, weather, and recommended installation techniques.

Preparation Is key when installing stone and tile outdoors. Make sure your concrete foundation is level and free of cracks. Apply a waterproofing membrane to the slab and use an adhesive that’s rated for outdoor use. If you choose a porous stone tile, seal it to protect it from water penetration.

Landscape Stone Installations:

Landscape stone must be able to tolerate freeze-thaw cycles and extreme temperature changes. Natural stone tiles like travertine, marble, and limestone make excellent choices for patios, stairs, and pool areas. A light color deflects heat, keeping bare feet cooler. A honed or tumbled finish provides a non-slip surface, and they’re stain resistant, especially when sealed. Natural stone installations can vary in size from large slabs, to assorted tile sizes, and mosaic installations. Many landscape designs include all three – stone slabs can be used to cap walls or stairs, large tiles can create attractive patio surfaces, and mosaic tiles are used for decorative accents. Natural color variations add depth and texture to the design, check out our Landscape Collection and explore the options.

Landscape Stone Collection

Encaustic Cement Tile For Outdoor Spaces:

Cement tile is a durable and decorative option for outdoor areas. Because it can absorb moisture, cement tile works best outdoors in hot, dry, climates. Also known as encaustic concrete tiles, cement tiles have color and pattern all the way through so they’re extremely resistant to foot traffic. They’ll work beautifully outdoors if properly installed. Cement tiles come in bold patterns and colors, we invite you to explore our Barcela Collection if you are looking for Black & White pattern and please check out our Barcela Plus Collection. Both collection are perfect for statement walls, entries, or gathering places outside.

Left: Barcela Collection Right: Barcela Plus Collection
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