What is Bullnose Part One

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What is Bullnose? This is a question that everyone in the stone and tile industry has heard hundreds of times. Let’s try to explain it a bit and more importantly understand how they are used. Here we go with What is Bullnose Part One.

Please take a look at the top of this post at a bullnose piece. While we could go on forever about types of bullnose, let’s start with this image.

1. Perhaps the most typical type of bullnose is the surface bullnose. In this case, you can see the piece of tile having a rounded edge on one side. This enables the finishing of edges, both visually and physically. There is also a safety component here in that the rounded edge eliminates the danger of sharp, jagged conditions. Typical uses are both vertical and horizontal. In other words, a bullnose piece might finish a backsplash and a counter edge.

What is Bullnose Part One

2. Take a peek at the image above and you will see another type of bullnose. In this instance, the rounded edge returns all the way to a 180 degree edge. This contrasts to the first bullnose piece that we discussed which only returns 90 degrees. A great use for this piece might be as a stair nosing.

Today, we have presented two typical bullnose elements and suggested where they might be used. Next week we will discuss two more.



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