What Are Epoxy Countertops?

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Epoxy countertops are one of the top DIY trends of the last year. Constructed using epoxy, they offer the freedom to customize and revamp your kitchen countertop to your exact choosing.

Let’s dive into what epoxy countertops are and how to accomplish this DIY project perfectly.

What Are Epoxy Countertops?

Epoxy countertops are a type of kitchen countertop with an epoxy resin coating. The epoxy resin is usually poured over pre-existing stone countertops made of granite or quartz to change its appearance. This design can be customized to mimic the look of marble or quartz. The result is a countertop that is long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and durable.

Nevertheless, there are some cons to consider with epoxy countertops. While epoxy countertops can offer a way to change the appearance of your kitchen countertop on a budget, it can be tricky to fully replicate the look of natural stone or marble. Additionally, they can have noticeable imperfections, such as drips down the sides and a slight yellowing of the surface. These imperfections can be all the more noticeable when done by a first-time DIYer. Therefore, for timeless kitchen countertop options, we recommend making a long-lasting investment and choosing natural stone or porcelain slabs. Browse stone countertops near me for more options.

How To Create an Epoxy Finish

We recommend buying an epoxy resin kit to ensure you have everything you need to transform your kitchen countertop.

1. The first step to creating an epoxy countertop is to prepare the existing countertop you wish to transform. If your countertop has square edges, we recommend rounding the edges of your countertop with a router, as it will be easier for the epoxy to bind to a rounded corner. Additionally, use a body filler to patch any holes and seams, and use a utility knife to remove any caulk. Sand the countertop smooth with an orbital sander or sandpaper. Wipe it down and ensure it is completely clean.

2. Protect your kitchen by covering the backsplash, flooring, and any kitchen appliances with a plastic sheet. It’s important to safeguard any surfaces against any epoxy spills.

3. Prep the countertop with a primer. Following the instructions, mix the two-part primer and apply it to the countertop with a roller in small sections. Ensure that the entire countertop is covered with no gaps. We recommend applying two coats. Wait about until it is slightly sticky to the touch, usually a few hours.

4. Create the marble look of your countertop by painting veins onto the surface of the primer. We recommend carefully sketching and planning this step to get the look exactly right. Browse images of natural stone slabs to fully capture the look of marble or quartz. Be sure to blot each line to create a softer, organic look.

5. Prepare the epoxy resin in your epoxy countertop kit. When the primer is nearly set, work quickly to mix the epoxy resin and hardener together following the kit’s instructions and mix for a few minutes. Pour the epoxy into three sections on your countertop and then spread it across the surface with a roller. Allow it to drip over the sides of the countertop with the roller. Ensure the epoxy forms a thick coating over your countertop.

6. Finally, wait for the epoxy to dry, a process. After about two hours, remove any tape and then let it fully dry before using. It usually takes a full 24 hours for the epoxy to fully dry. For the final finish touch, re-caulk the seams.

Epoxy Countertop Design Ideas

To spark inspiration, here are some natural slab countertops for epoxy resin design ideas.

1. Black and White Marble Countertop

This black and white marble countertop is a great style for an epoxy resin countertop. Mimic the bold veins of this marble slab by painting bold black lines complete with subtle vein detailing for a natural look.

2. Subtle White Kitchen Countertop

Photo by Pickell ArchitectureLook for kitchen pictures

For a softer look, consider this diffused white countertop look. Subtle gray veining is spread across the surface of the countertop, blending with its white background for an understated, elegant design.

3. Concrete Look Countertop

Photo by Hugh Jefferson Randolph ArchitectsMore kitchen ideas

While most epoxy countertops mimic the look of marble and other natural stones, consider replicating the design of concrete countertops. They offer a modern look that is easy to replicate by painting the surface of the countertop gray before covering it in resin.

4. Subtle Brown Veining Countertop

Photo by PJ BUILDERSBrowse kitchen photos

The soft brown veining of this marble slab offers a subtle warmth that creates a welcoming atmosphere in spaces. Replicate its look by painting soft brown diffused lines throughout the surface of the countertop before applying resin.

5. Bold Black Marble Countertop

Mimic the bold look of black marble by painting the surface of your existing countertop with veins of black, gray, white, and brown. While this task might seem trickier than painting simple veins across the surface, the result can be stunning.

6. Bold Veined Marble Look Countertop

Photo by luxury remodeling epoxy countertop and floor desigDiscover kitchen design ideas

This marble look countertop embraces the look of bold veining with a variety of dark gray veins interspersed throughout its surface. Note how the natural veins follow the same direction, which creates an organic natural stone effect.

7. Gray Marble Look Countertop

Photo by Motivo HomeSearch kitchen pictures

Gray countertops suit a variety of interior design styles and color schemes. Embrace this understated look if you’re searching for an alternative to classic white marble look slabs.


Epoxy countertops are a popular way to update the look of your countertop and have the advantage of being customizable. It’s important to follow step-by-step instructions to ensure you get the best possible look for your epoxy countertop.

If you’re looking to completely replace your countertop and choose something more long-lasting and timeless, then we suggest browsing our natural stone and porcelain slabs online today. Or, explore the wide selection of tiles at a tile store Los Angeles can turn any living space into a masterpiece.

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