We’re pleased to share the latest coverage of Marble Systems on House Beautiful.

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We’re pleased to share the latest coverage of Marble Systems on House Beautiful. Featured in an article entitled
Quartz vs. Quartzite: What’s the Difference? from Marble Systems.

In today’s realm of home decor, natural stones, especially quartz and quartzite, have become increasingly popular. However, understanding the differences between these two materials is crucial for making the right choice. Marble Systems’ article featured in House Beautiful sheds light on these disparities, guiding us through the nuances.

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When you’re renovating your kitchen or designing one from scratch, one of the most important design decisions to picking a countertop material. There are some (perhaps questionable) DIYs you can try to change the look of your counters on a budget, but when you want something that’ll last and not a quick fix, it’s important to take time picking out a material. There are so many countertop options to choose from for every style kitchen—granite, concrete, marble, soapstone—however, two popular countertop materials people keep coming back to are quartz and quartzite. They sound so similar that they often get confused. So, what’s the difference between the two, and how do they look and function differently in your kitchen? We reached out to three experts—Dilmohan Chadha of Integrated Resources Group, a family-owned stone supplier in San Francisco; Munir Turunc of the natural stone supplier Marble Systems; and Lori Shapiro of Caesarstone, which makes and distributes engineered stone surfaces including quartz—to discuss quartz vs. quartzite and explain which is best for different types of kitchens.
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