Using Natural Stone Textures

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A significant conversation that is typically had in our showrooms revolves around Using Natural Stone Textures. Inherently, stone  lends itself to great flexibility in how it is finished. So why not discuss that today?

Typically, the layman and average homeowner see, in their minds eye,  natural stone in its polished, shiny self. A perfect example of that vision is at the very top of this post. There you see our polished Calacatta Gold Marble.

Using Natural Stone Textures
Honed Soapstone

Perhaps the next most understood stone finish is honed. A fairly decent analogy can be drawn with paint in terms of visuals. Polished stone is analogous to a glossy paint and honed stone is a matte finish. There are more things to consider with stone. Reflective values in glossy stone react to light in an entirely different manner than honed stone. Keep this in mind. Take a peek at one of our soapstone slabs directly above.

Since we are speaking in broad strokes today, the next stone finish to discuss is textured. This finish can go by many desciptive marketing names. Today, we can consider our leathered finish, as shown below.

Using Natural Stone Textures
Leathered Stone

All textured stone finishes will disperse light in a somewhat ”willy-nilly” fashion. However, textured finishes can provide a reasonably slip-resistant floor finish. That creates a great deal of peace of mind.

Natural stone finishes have lots of versatility when used cleverly. Thanks for reading!

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