Urban Design Trends in Stone

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The latest Urban Design Trends in Stone have the very natural tendency to follow the general overall movements of the local design market. For example, a case can usually be made that urban interiors reflect the architectural moment of a particular city.

Not long ago a prominent New York interior designer, Susan Lauren of Lauren Interior Design, LLC, had this to say: “One of the most prevalent design trends I see today is that building interiors tend to be more modern and contemporary. This may be to compete with the construction of new high-rises that are going up all around the city, which tend to be very modern. Their interiors are architecturally clean and minimal, and the fabrics tend to have more texture and less pattern. Secondly, colors tend to be cooler than before. Tan and beige carpets were the rage a few years ago but today, clients prefer carpets with shades of gray.” Let’s think about this in terms of natural stone.

Urban Design Trends in Stone
Britannia Dark Limestone

At the very top of this post and immediately above are images from our Britannia Dark Limestone. It is fair to say that this imagery conveys a sense of elegant, sophisticated cool. Also, take note of the elongated rectangular shape which further drives a contemporary feel.

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