Trending Natural Stone Shapes

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Summer is officially, 100% here in the Northern Hemisphere. Folks go to the beach and bring their home design magazines with them. So, let’s add a few Trending Natural Stone Shapes for their consideration. An uplifting design writer, Gabrielle Savoie, has an interesting take on shapes: “We’ll never tire of a good, clean subway tile backsplash or a patterned black-and-white hexagon tile bathroom floor, but let’s be honest: They’re not the most original options. The arguments for their overuse: They will always be classic, and they will never go out of style. The downfall: We’ve seen so many of them that they tend to sometimes feel a little safe (and, dare we say, “boring?”).” While Marble Systems can certainly do all kinds of typical shapes, today we are focusing on the more intriguing possibilities.

Trending Natural Stone Shapes
Ledger Stone Collection

A cool, crisp, organic shape keeps it very real, as you can see immediately above, from our Ledger Stone Collection. This material is designed to mimic the natural layers and ledges of a stone quarry. The image below offers another method to add visual interest. While the individual shapes are relatively mundane, the Versailles pattern created is far from boring.

Trending Natural Stone Shapes
Cottage Versailles Pattern

Here is another idea. Why not “create your own” Trending Natural Stone Shapes. At the very top today, check out our Taos Decorative Stone and the individual shape creation this waterjet produced material allows the design team to play around with.

That’s  all for today folks. Thanks for reading.

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