Transitional Natural Stone Bathrooms

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The subject of Transitional Natural Stone Bathrooms can seem to be a bit confusing on its face. Why? We all understand “natural stone” and “bathrooms,” but the term “transitional” needs a bit of explanation in this context.

To start with, the transitional bathroom is the most popular bathroom style in 2019 according to the National Kitchen + Bath Association. Furthermore, this style is projected, by the same folks, to remain the most popular for the next few years. But what exactly is a “transitional” bathroom?

Transitional Natural Stone Bathrooms
Allure Light Marble

Recently, the Freshome site published this definition from Joan Kaufman in Naperville, IL.: “Most commonly, transitional refers to the style that is between traditional and contemporary,” she says. “The style would be more clean lines, yet not overly contemporary, with a warm, comfortable feeling that is not too cold or sleek.”

Transitional Natural Stone Bathrooms
Aspen White Marble

Naturally, even given that superb professional definition, there is a great deal of interpretation and personal taste that is brought to bear on the final product. Our Aspen White Marble is at the very top of this post and then immediately above. Finally, check out Allure Light Marble in between.

Of course, our suggested transitional imagery may not be everyone’s vision of transitional. Maybe that is part of the fun. Thanks for reading.

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