Three Stone Trends Today

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As we roam around the blogosphere, we discover a series of tile trends  that are being put forth from blog to blog and also from media outlet to media outlet.  We have compiled what we think was learned, and what Marble Systems is particularly expert at, into this blog post: Three Stone Trends Today.

Three Stone Trends Today

Deep Saturated Stone Colors –  Color helps create mood and mood influences lifestyle. The psychology of color is a topic in and of itself, but for today, deep arresting stone colors are everywhere to be seen. Take a look above at our Elements Waterjet Collection which clearly offers saturated color, albeit black. BTW, we do know that scientifically, black is the presence of all colors.

Three Stone Trends Today

Interesting Shapes – We have said many times how important shape can be in any design plan. This is perhaps true more now than ever as designers and homeowners seek a visual that is “outside of the square”  both literally and figuratively. In the case of, once again, our Elements above, the shapes are created by the technology  of the waterjet machine rendering tile in natural stone.

Cool Kitchen Backsplashes – By cool, we mean carefully considered shapes, colors and patterns that are clearly meant to make a lasting statement. The kitchen continues to be the focal point of most  family life and is an essential element for the much desired, “work-life balance”. This is the Aspen White Honed.

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