The Timeless Chic of Black and White Checkered Tile

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Black and white checkerboard tile may come and go with tile trends, but it never really goes completely out of fashion. Whether your personal design style is Minimalist, Maximalist, Old World, or Farmhouse, there’s a black and white checkerboard for both your floors and walls.

Stone and Marble have been used to create beautifully patterned floors for thousands of years. However, it was the ancient Greeks’ love of white Carrara marble that made black and white patterns popular throughout the Greek and Roman Empires.

During the 18th century, the excavation of Pompeii created a craze for all things Greek and Roman. Neoclassical details appeared in architecture, on furniture, and of course on floors. Black and white marble floors gained new popularity in public buildings and great estates all over Europe. Ever since, black and white marble has been the standard of elegance in flooring.

Private homes, restaurants and bars also adopted black and white, and the look migrated to America with immigrants in the 19th century. Today, black and white tile and stone floors are a hallmark of vintage charm in interior design.

Classical interiors often use large-scale black and white stone tiles, using the checkerboard pattern for an expansive effect. Contrasting borders or ornamental stone insets are sometimes used to create the effect of an area rug.

Neoclassical motifs continue in many of today’s marble tile patterns: Check out our Studio Mosaic Collection, a truly irresistible uniquely designed “STOCKED” geometric Water Jet patterns ready to wow your home.



More intricate designs use smaller black and white stone tiles, just like the ancient Greeks: Our Skyline Polished Collection represents variety of shades from milky snows to cool silvers. With a backdrop of stream-lined tiles or polished mosaics, this collection has the ability to transform any space from bland to electric! 


Shades of white, black and gray are often used to add dimension to a pattern. In a trendy update to classic black and white checkerboard, adding a gray marble square creates a plaid design. We love the way it resembles a buffalo check fabric – try our new Chester Plaid Mosaic Collection in a Farmhouse bathroom, French Country kitchen, or as stunning floors in an entry.

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