The Hollywood Reporter – 29 Hollywood Home Designers Talk Kitchen

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We are pleased to report, our Talya Collection is featured in the latest edition of The Hollywood Reporter -29 Hollywood Home Designers Talk Kitchen. In its newest edition, the online magazine features 29 Hollywood Home Designers, and their critical opinions on kitchen trends and upgrades.

One key contributors is Jeff Andrews, a Los Angeles based and internationally renowned Interior Designer. Jeff recently finished a design for one of his clients’ kitchen using Marble Systems’ Talya Collection and lets face it, the result is stunning.

Our Talya Collection, designed by Sara Baldwin is a beautiful, lyrical mix of water jet patterns that make a fun fit in the bath, kitchen or grand entry. The Talya Collection is a refined study of designs using marble and stone, intertwining lacework and modern geometries. The collection is formal and casual, elegant and understated, with a minimal palette of grays and ivories

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