The Best Flooring for a Restaurant Kitchen

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Gray marble tile floor for restaurant kitchen

What To Consider When Choosing Flooring for a Restaurant Kitchen

Have you thought about what it will take to select the optimal flooring for your restaurant kitchen? If not, we have done most of the heavy lifting for you. It is crucial to decide what elements you desire most when looking to update your restaurant kitchen flooring to get the most high-quality result possible. Doing your homework on the best types of commercial kitchen flooring for your space will ensure you can select a flooring material that suits your needs.

Commercial kitchens are heavy-use spaces, usually filled to the brim with people who all have to get their jobs done. The heavy foot traffic and heavy equipment used in commercial kitchens call for flooring that is not only good-looking but ultra-durable. You don’t want to select restaurant kitchen floors that cannot withstand the daily demands of commercial space.

There is a wide variety of high-quality flooring available on today’s market – however, it can be overwhelming to select the best type of flooring for a commercial kitchen.

Each of these factors should be a feature of the kitchen floor you select for your commercial space.


Commercial kitchen floors have to be able to withstand a variety of heat and moisture changes. Boiling water, other heated liquids, and floor spills have to be considered.


Safety in terms of function and material has to also be factored into your decision. You want to select a type of tile that will be durable enough to handle daily business needs.

Ease of Cleaning

You do not want to install commercial kitchen flooring that is high maintenance for your establishment. If you serve cuisines with lots of sauces, wines, and pigmented beverages you must consider ease of cleaning. Some types of commercial kitchen flooring are more stain resistant than others. Porcelain for example is more stain resistant than marble. 

Slip Resistance

This is another huge factor! Your choice of kitchen floors must be slip resistant. Non-slip commercial flooring is a must to prevent serious workplace injuries. 

Sound Absorption

You want to do your research on whether or not your chosen tile is sound absorbent. A restaurant where a noisy kitchen spills out into the dining area may not be comfortable for diners. 


Aesthetics are a must! The look of the tile is often chosen first – but the other factors above can lead to a change of heart, based on the function, maintenance, and safety of the material. 

The Best Flooring for Restaurant Kitchens

Here are the best floor tiles for commercial kitchens. These materials rank high in all of the above-mentioned flooring characteristics and will perform well for years in a commercial kitchen, 

Natural Stone Floors

Natural stone floors are a superior choice for commercial kitchen flooring. You can choose from several varieties of marble, granite, limestone, travertine, and even sandstone. It is important to make sure the natural stone meets the non-slip requirements needed in commercial spaces to prevent damage and unnecessary accidents. These stones offer a one-of-a-kind result, due to their natural formation, so you can look forward to an industrial kitchen floor that is truly unique. 

Ceramic and Porcelain Floors

Porcelain and ceramic kitchen flooring are also popular types of commercial and industrial kitchen floors. Both materials are the result of fired clays that create dense tiles. Both types of tile are non-slip commercial kitchen flooring options with high water resistance. You cannot go wrong with ceramic or porcelain in your commercial kitchen.

Concrete Floors

Concrete is well known for its durability. If you select concrete commercial kitchen floors you can expect them to last through even the most heavy-use scenarios. Concrete flooring is a top-notch choice when durability is your greatest design concern.

Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is worth mentioning, though it’s not considered the optimal choice for commercial kitchen flooring. Although vinyl can be more comfortable standing on for long periods than the other types of flooring mentioned, drawbacks exist. Something to keep in mind is that vinyl commercial kitchen floors can be slippery when wet if you are in the market for this tile for your industrial kitchen.

Restaurant Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas: Honed Floors

Honed marble flooring is a fantastic natural stone that can be found in commercial kitchens all around the world. Durable and attractive, honed marble flooring gives commercial kitchen spaces an upscale appeal. Marble can be applied in large slabs, mid-sized slabs, or mosaics to create more intricate visual motifs. Your industrial kitchen floors will look palace worthy with this highly coveted material. 

Below we have made some fantastic suggestions for marble and porcelain tiles to use for your restaurant kitchen floors. These flooring options are only a few of the many durable styles available for use in your commercial kitchen.

Allure Light Honed Marble

Gray marble tile floor for restaurant kitchen
Allure Light Honed Marble by Marble Systems.

This space features Allure Light Honed Marble which perfectly accentuates the black and white wall tile behind the wash area. This tile has a subtle sheen that will look outstanding on commercial kitchen floors.

Aspen White Honed Marble

White honed marble floor for restaurant bar kitchen
Aspen White Honed Marble by Marble Systems.

If you want to use marble for the ultimate visual impact then look no further than Aspen White Honed Marble. It has the classic appeal of crisp white marble with very faint grey veining. Industrial kitchen floors will sparkle with bright and lovely tile. 

Bianco Dolomiti Classic Honed Marble

White classic honed marble tile floor for restaurant kitchen
Bianco Dolomiti Classic Honed Marble Tile by Marble Systems.

This Bianco Dolomiti Classic Honed Marble is another excellent option for commercial kitchen floors due to its bright appearance and timeless charm. Light-colored marble is very popular among property owners who wish to make industrial kitchen spaces feel and look open and airy. This understated marble achieves this purpose and looks elegant with many different types of kitchen machinery.

Cottage Marble Floors

Allure Cottage Marble Tile by Marble Systems.

Our selection of stunning cottage marble floors has something that will appeal to most commercial kitchen owners. Many styles of cottage marble kitchen floor tile resemble an airy blend of the stone’s base color and veining that sets it apart from other notable marble varieties. 

Porcelain Floors

White honed marble-look porcelain tile for restaurant kitchen
Miami White Honed Porcelain Tile by Marble Systems.

Porcelain tile flooring is also a wonderful option for kitchens. Our Atlas Porcelain tile boasts a look of luxury with longevity to match. You have thousands of stunning porcelain kitchen flooring to choose from. Go with bright clean looking floors, or select darker flooring if you decide your commercial space calls for it.

Porcelain restaurant floors offer high durability and are a proven winner in the aesthetics department. The classic appearance of porcelain coupled with its comparatively low installation costs makes this material a great investment for property owners. 

Final Thoughts

Need help deciding between different types of tiles near me for my flooring? Now that you have knowledge of the best types of commercial kitchen flooring, you are equipped to choose the style that will best serve your needs. Choosing one of the suggested commercial kitchen floor tiles or selecting a similar option will result in a restaurant kitchen floor that lasts through years of hard work and success. 

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