Textured Stone

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There are multiple concepts and various executable elements to consider when you are toiling on your interior design plan. To mention a few, there is color, light, scale, shape, etc, etc. Quite often texture can to be an afterthought or at least less considered than perhaps it should be. So here is a thought….textured stone brings a lot to the design table and is a simple way to introduce subtle texture to a space.

To focus more  on this issue of texture, Ms. Janel Laban, the Executive Editor at the well known site Apartment Therapy, offered a superb post about transforming your space with texture. Ms. Laban offered us the bullet points below:

-Add texture with textiles.
-Add texture with a rug.
-Add texture with plants.
-Add texture with carefully chosen furniture.
-Add texture with books.
-Add texture with architectural elements.

textured stone

To contribute more to the points above, the site observed that textiles are “an easy and quick way to add instant coziness to any room”, that many times a “rug really tied the room together”, and that “plants are the original texture.” Naturally these are all fine observations. Apartment Therapy concludes with “a single antique wood piece with a nice patina can really ground a room”, and is “great for adding texture” and “a whole wall of books definitely adds a lot of warmth and texture to any room.” That bring us to suggest that textured stone, as an architectural element, makes lots of sense in this context.

Textured Stone

Let’s look at a few different ways it can be used in practice. At the very top of this post is an image from our Cottage Stone Collection which indicates a nicely subtle elegance in texture. Then the two images in the body of the post are from our Skyline Collection and are a “leathered” interpretation of texture.

So there you have six ideas for designing with texture from Apartment Therapy and a few more from Marble Systems. As always, thanks for stopping by. We have locations across the U.S. and the Caribbean. Bring us a project

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