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Stone, Shape and Texture

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Stone, Shape and Texture

Stone, Shape and Texture mix perfectly together to provide the homeowner and designer interesting choices in terms of both visual appeal and practical application .In fact, the essence of combining shape and texture, using stone as your medium of choice, creates a real sense of organically derived pattern. Naturally, here in the late Summer of 2014, the use of pattern in interior design schemes is oh so au courant.

In terms of the idea and importance of texture, the informative site Apartment Therapy recently offered its readers ten ways to add it to a room. One of those ways was the tile shape and they then observed that “small variations in tone make these tiles textural”.  Interestingly enough the tile shape that this excellent site was commenting on was a hexagon.

Stone, Shape and Texture

The image at the very top of the post and the image immediately above both give us an excellent appreciation of the power of texture. As a part of the Marble Sytems Touch Tone Collection these stone elements unite texture with two essential shapes, the square and the hexagon. The ability of this Collection to work multiple stone finishes across single sheets of hexagons and squares bring together classic combinations. Form and feel are realized in a unified fashion perfect for luxury modern interiors.

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