Statuarietto Marble

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With the crisp white background and dramatic bold grey veining, Statuarietto Marble Tile Collection delivers the perfect amount of drama. Statuarietto marble tile collection is available in three different sizes, 12″x 12″, 18″x 18″ and 12″x 24″, offering enough playroom for a sophisticated design.

Throughout history, marble has been used as a building material, a medium for art and as an interior dècor element.Think for a moment of the Taj Mahal, the Statue of a David, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and perhaps your local courthouse. Then, you have thought of but a tiny sample of the cultural and utilitarian impact that marble has had on human civilization.



Bath Floors/walls


Comm. Interior Floor

Comm. Interior Walls


Res. Interior Floors

Res. Interior Walls


Shower Floors

Shower Walls

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