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What is right for you, Marble or Granite?

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We here at Marble Systems are asked many, many, times what is “better”….marble or granite? The answer to that question needs some discussion.

Just for now, we will focus on residential usage. A good starting point is with the geology. Granite is an igneous stone that was created by the cooling of molten materials under the Earth’s surface. Marble is known as a metamorphic stone formed by the changes that take place under pressure of igneous and sedimentary rock. A rule of thumb is that granite is usually harder and denser than marble. However, that does not make one better than the other in a residential application. It really all depends on the users goals!

It is quite easy and very understandable to talk about these two materials in a logical manner based on how they are to be used. So let’s stroll through the home.

Floor Covering

Residentially, marble is found more often as a floor covering than granite. Marble is a little less stark than granite and its natural veining is appealing and warm. Most residential design ideas can be achieved by making selections from a palette of marbles. A granite floor may appear to be a little too utilitarian in the home. However, a few words of caution on marble as your home flooring. What the end user thinks the floor will look like in place is of paramount importance. They must understand the movement, veining and color ranges that this natural product will exhibit. Also, a marble floor is not maintenance free. Nor is it maintenance intensive. As with so many things in life, the work required to keep up your marble floor falls somewhere in between. The buyer should be shown range samples and lots of indicative images prior to final selection.


To start with, there are great differences between kitchen countertops and bath vanity tops. Usually, granite is the better selection for the kitchen due to its greater density. However, granite is not totally stain resistant. The lighter granite tones can show stains when “attacked” by things such as wine and ketchup. Marble is less often found in the kitchen, but can still do well there given certain conditions. For example, you may have a situation where the kitchen is lightly used and the top is not a real “working” surface.

In the bath vanity arena marble is more likely to be found than granite. This is a less demanding space from a technical standpoint. There are also a great range of very fashion friendly colors that can make the work of the design team all the easier.

Wall Covering

Residentially speaking, marble is much more common than granite as a wall covering. In particular, marble is a great selection for bathrooms walls. As mentioned above in regards to marble flooring, the design tableau that marble offers is hard to beat. Again, the end user must understand how the product will appear visually when all is said and done. Also, be very cognizant of the water proofing requirements that are a necessity on a bath area wet wall. However, moisture control is critical no matter what the stone selection is.

In summation, what is right for you, marble or granite, is up to you! Only you can determine your design desires, your maintenance tolerance and your fashion sensibilities! Why not reach out to an expert?

At Marble Systems we offer many different options in both marble and granite. Therefore, we feel highly qualified to offer you a selection solution. By now, you must understand that the topic of this blog post and the question it poses are not easily resolved in 700 words. Marble or granite is too subjective a question. We have many seasoned professionals in our showrooms. Stop by, call in, or email us for the specific advice that will help you to make the best decision for you!

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