Calcatta Gold B Lappato Lucido Porcelain Slab 64x128






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    Comm. Interior Walls

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    Lappato Lucido




    Porcelain Slabs



    Frost Resistance:


    Bathroom, Kitchen
    * Usage recommendation must be confirmed by your installer and depends on application, installation methods and general suitability. Marble Systems assumes no liability from any installation and usage recommendations.

    Marblesystems Inc. is the leader in quality Calcatta Gold B Lappato Lucido Porcelain Slab 64x128 at the lowest price. We have the widest range of PORCELAIN products, with coordinating deco, mosaic and tile forms.


    Porcelain tile can be termed a type or subset of ceramic tile. However, to be truly considered as porcelain tile, there are other, more stringent standards that must be met to differentiate it from mere ceramic tile. The essence of this increased burden centers around strength and moisture resistance. Typically, porcelain tile was composed of kaolin clay, feldspar, and quartz. To a degree, this remains the essence of the material. It is also fired at significantly higher temperatures than traditional ceramic tile might be. This results in the strength and water absorption advantages that porcelain tile is so well known for. This strength and moisture resistance creates a scenario where porcelain tile becomes the finish of choice for both heavy-duty commercial applications and lovingly conceived residential design plans. Naturally, this resistance to foot traffic and staining makes for a product with a serious sense of permanence. As a fired clay product, variation in shade and color can occur from tile to tile. This is an inherent and desired characteristic. Therefore, all tile should be unpacked and inspected prior to installation, as Marble Systems cannot accept claims for variation in any porcelain tile after installation. Please check technical specifications for more detail on a particular product.