Powder Room Tile Ideas for 2023

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Although it’s often overlooked, a beautiful powder room is a final touch that ties your house together. Since it’s a room many guests will see, it’s important to get the look and feel of your powder room tile design right.

What many people forget when designing a powder room is that it’s a space for retreat, somewhere you–or your guests–should feel relaxed. Instead of thinking of it as just another bathroom, see it as somewhere you can take five minutes to freshen up in peace.

Therefore, there’s much to consider when choosing the tile for your powder room. The tile in your powder room should be stylish yet welcoming, creative yet elegant. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine.

Here are the best tips and tricks to pick the wall and floor tiles for your powder room in 2023.

White marble mosaic vanity backsplash in a powder room
Snow White, Afyon White Multi Finish Baby Picket Marble Mosaic 13 3/16×11 by Marble Systems.

What is a Powder Room?

The origins of powder rooms lie in the 18th century when wigs were at the height of fashion. The term “powder room” referred to a place where the upper echelons of society could powder their wigs and faces.

Nowadays, the term has evolved. Also known as half-baths, powder rooms are small bathrooms with a sink and toilet. They do not contain a shower or bath. They’re typically located on the ground floor to allow guests easy access.

How To Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Powder Room

White and brass mosaic vanity backsplash for a powder room
Blocks Glacier, Snow White, Brass Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos by Marble Systems.

Consider the Size of Your Powder Room

It’s a fact that most powder rooms are small. If you want to make the most of the space, you need to plan carefully.

For small powder room tile ideas, we suggest choosing one statement element while keeping the rest of the room simple. Whether that be a flashy tile or an intricate bathroom vanity is your choice. What matters is not overwhelming the small space. A powder room accent wall or stylish powder room backsplash can be a great way of adding an artistic element without making it feel overcrowded.

Consider the Style of Your Home

Think of your powder room as a representative of the rest of your home, the room that many guests will see. It’s a space to let your creativity shine, but it should also tie into the design scheme of the rest of the house. Pick a tile that works with the colors and tones used throughout the rest of your home.

Choose a Tile That’s Easy to Clean

When selecting the tile for a small bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind concerns like humidity and dampness. This especially holds true if your powder room doesn’t have a window. The best tiles for powder rooms are moisture-resistant and long-lasting.

Glossy ceramic tiles for powder room tile wall applications are a great choice since they’re easy to clean and look incredible. You can also never go wrong with a stone mosaic backsplash.

For powder room tile floors, we suggest going with a durable material, like porcelain, stone, or matte ceramic tiles.

Pick a Tile That Makes a Statement

One of the biggest powder room trends of 2023 is maximalism, with colorful and bright designs. A powder room is a great place for choosing a fun, bold tile that will certainly make a statement. Rich tones and intricate patterns are on trend and will show your artistic side.

If you want to cut down on costs, a half-tiled wall is a stylish option. Consider installing tiles on the bottom half of the wall and a coordinating wallpaper of your choice on the top half.

Get Creative with Your Tile Choice

Don’t be afraid to branch out from classic white tiles. Consider choosing a color story for your powder room and coordinate the tiles, wall color, and furnishings.

Whether you like clean-cut neutrals or colorful geometric patterns, our selection has something for every homeowner and designer. Check out these small powder room tile ideas before starting your project.

Ceramic Tiles for Powder Rooms

1. Status Ceramic Collection

White picket tile powder room wall
Satin Cotton Matte Picket Ceramic Tile 3×6 by Marble Systems.

You can never go wrong with a white bathroom design. This tile is perfect for anyone in search of creating a calming and welcoming space for their powder room. The tear shape adds a unique spin to a classic design.

2. Sister Parish Design Ceramic Collection

Snow White, Blue Glossy Cecil Stripe Ceramic Tile 6×6 by Marble Systems.

The vividly intricate design of this tile is a great powder room tile backsplash idea. With its classic blue and white color scheme, it would fit right in with a country powder room tile design. Moreover, the vertical striped pattern makes the ceiling feel taller, making a small powder room feel larger.

3. Desert Wildflowers Ceramic Collection

Paint Brush Matte Ceramic Tile 6×6 by Marble Systems.

Part of our popular Desert Wildflowers Ceramic Collection, this tile has washes of stunning earthy hues. Inspired by the Arizona desert, its design has an organic, natural feel. The Paint Brush Matte Ceramic Tile is perfect for a powder room tile accent wall, especially when matched with wood furniture and a neutral color scheme.

Porcelain Tiles for Powder Rooms

1. Novita Porcelain Collection

Fusion Acquamarina Polished Porcelain Tile by Marble Systems.

The glossy turquoise hue of this tile evokes a sandy Caribbean beach. Its stunning look proves that porcelain can be just as glamorous an option as other tile materials. Wow your guests with this rich statement piece that’s perfect for a powder room vanity backsplash.

2. Carrara Marble-Look Porcelain Tile Collection

Carrara Onyx Grey Polished Porcelain Tile by Marble Systems.

This porcelain tile has the beauty of onyx without the high cost and high maintenance. The perfect powder room floor tile idea, it’s a material that not only looks beautiful but is also durable and easy to clean. Moreover, it has a timeless elegance that’s perfect for classic home designs.

Glass Tiles for Powder Rooms

1. Coastal Glass Tile Collection

Tide Gloss Glass Tile by Marble Systems.

The translucent glow of this pale blue of our Tide Gloss Glass Tile is the epitome of calmness and cleanliness. A glass tile wall in a powder room is a surefire way to create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere, well-suited for any guest who wants to refresh. This tile pairs seamlessly with minimalist designs and white accents.

2. Oceanside Glass Tile Collection

White Iridescent Glass Tile by Marble Systems.

The White Iridescent Glass Tile is certainly no ordinary glass tile. The shimmering iridescent hue of this tile will stun your guests with its beauty. Its incredible finish has the atmosphere of an underwater paradise.

Stone Tiles for Powder Rooms

1. Calacatta Gold Honed Marble Collection

Thassos White, Calacatta Gold Honed Marina Chevron Marble Mosaic by Marble Systems.

This white mosaic tile works particularly well when set against natural wood, adding an element of Scandinavian design. It’s incredibly versatile, too. Well-suited for powder room wall tiles, it will add a hint of prestige to your powder room vanity wall or as a floor-to-ceiling wall covering.

2. Glacier Marble Tile Collection

Black, Glacier Honed York Marble Mosaic by Marble Systems.

Black and white tiles not only look striking but also have an air of sophistication about them. The York Marble Mosaics in Black is the sort of tile you’d expect to see in a high-end hotel in New York. This tile works beautifully as a powder room floor tile, especially when paired against white marble wainscoting with flecks of silver.

3. Talya Decorative Marble Collection

Damascus Avenza Light, Dolomite, Palisandra Multi Finish Marble Waterjet Decos by Marble Systems.

This intricate waterjet deco boasts sumptuous gray and brown tones that have a natural, soothing aura. The calm aura of this tile will leave you feeling like you can breathe again, regardless of the size of your powder room. We recommend using these tiles floor-to-ceiling for an all-encompassing powder room that works as a short-stay sanctuary.

In Conclusion

When deciding on the tile in your powder room, don’t be afraid to try something new. A powder room is an opportunity to showcase your design skills. Instead of thinking of it as just another bathroom, see your powder room as a peaceful place for cleanliness and retreat.

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