Natural Stone Slab Countertops More Than Just A Trend

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Natural Stone Slab Countertops

Stone slab countertops can be an excellent way to add a touch of glamour to a property and have many different applications. However, the big problem that many people have is that they consider this type of interior design option to be a trend – something impermanent and one they can swap out next season. 

That isn’t true. These types of options are so far ahead of being just simple trends. An excellent natural stone slab countertop is a permanent fixture when you pick the right one – so let’s take a look at some of the different offerings to make sure that you do just that – pick the right one.

Slate Slab Countertops

The first kind of offering that exists out there for people is the slate slab. Slate has a lot of different options to experience. Whether you’ve got the Ardesia Black Honed Slate Slab or the Nero Oceano Leather Slate Slab, they’re all pretty valid. There’s plenty of options, choices, and design ideas to work with, which is good. 

Nero Oceano Leather Granite Slab Random

Nero Oceano Leather Granite Slab

Pietra Cardoso Honed Slate Slab Random

Pietra Cardoso Honed Slate Slab


Ultimately what makes slate such an appealing option is the darker, more subtle aesthetic. Not everyone wants their slab to be the focal point, the center of attention, making this a good pick. The colors are usually darker and often stray into monochromatic. 

This type of slab, like most others, would be suitable as a kitchen countertop or even a vanity counter in the bathroom, but also the home office. If you wanted a sophisticated, luxury environment to be productive in, this might be your best choice. 

Limestone Slab Countertops

Another good choice for a lot of situations is going to be limestone. Limestone, if one isn’t familiar, could be seen as untidy and inelegant, owing to the way limestone looks and feels like raw material. That isn’t the case here, by any means. Instead, you’ve got things like Casablanca Honed Limestone Slab and the Champagne Honed Limestone Slab. See that way; you’ve got some choice between the sort of cracked porcelain type look and a more neat, clean type of style. 

Champagne Honed Limestone Slab Random

Champagne Honed Limestone Slab


Limestone has many applications because it does look quite tidy and fits into a lot of spaces. Plus, there are half a dozen different styles and choices, so you’ve got a lot of flexible options at your disposal. It’s always nice to have plenty of opportunities for designing and implementing stylistic choices into your home. Limestone can be pretty flexible, so it’s suitable for many different situations, so you have plenty of options regarding how you begin using it.

Porcelain Slab Countertops

We mentioned a cracked porcelain aesthetic earlier, but the truth is that this is its own entirely separate style choice, as porcelain slabs are very popular. You’ve got the Lincoln Polished Porcelain Slab or something like the Invisible B Natural Porcelain Slab. The entire porcelain aesthetic does work well here because it helps to lend a touch of sophistication, and you have either the cracked variation or a much more subdued, blank canvas.

Invisible B Natural Porcelain Slab 64x128

Invisible B Natural Porcelain Slab

Nero Antico B Natural Porcelain Slab 64x128

Nero Antico B Natural Porcelain Slab

Lincoln Polished Marble Look Porcelain Slab 47 1/4x94 1/2

Lincoln Polished Marble Look Porcelain Slab


Ultimately, the great thing about these is that either option would be a good choice, simply because there are many different styles to take advantage of here. These are bright, light slabs, which would work well in any area to brighten up space. An office, a bathroom, or a kitchen where light isn’t necessarily abundant would be a good selection. Ultimately, there are plenty of options for experimentation purposes. Still, the end goal would be to try and find a unique style, which would require considerable amounts of trial and error to work out what best suits the specific dynamic of your interior home. 

Final Thoughts on Stone Slab Countertops

Trying to capture all of the different available options can be a challenge, but ultimately it is necessary if you’re going to get the best possible results. You have to consider what types of slabs exist, how they can be utilized with each other, and sometimes experiment with different kinds of materials in the same space. Certain situations where materials that closely resemble one another can work well together even if they’re not made of the same material. It’s just up to you to examine all of the different options and find a slab type that would work for you, and once you can do this, you will start to see that your interior looks a lot nicer. 

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