Natural Stone Patterns

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As an international stone vendor, it is not enough to simply suggest the use of natural stone to our clients. More importantly, is to offer sophisticated ideas for natural stone usage, like how to accomplish Natural Stone Patterns in a design plan. Here it goes!

Natural Stone Pattern Trends

We recently found an interesting fellow named Rafiq Elmansy. Mr. Elmansy is a Professor of Design and gave us some thoughts on the use of pattern in design. “In architecture, patterns in the forms of motifs have been used to improve the aesthetic quality of the structure, to stamp design authority, and to provide necessary user guidance. The use of such patterns can enhance the user experience, as well as the design and look of the final product, but must be used wisely so as to avoid a complicated layout or unattractive design.

Natural Stone Patterns
Cottage Stone Versailles Pattern

That may possibly be a lot to unpack, but there are two main takeaways in our opinion. First, make sure the patterning enhances the user experience. Second, don’t allow your patterns to create overly complicated and potentially unattractive design scenarios.

At the very top of this post is the simplest of patterns. Our Chester Plaid Marble Collection maintains a single shape while alternating marble colors. This certainly qualifies as patterning while not forcing the issue.

Then the image above depicts the classic Versailles Pattern, also known as the French pattern. It usually consists of four sizes and shapes that play well together in a modular and repetitive manner. Also, note the larger scale of the pieces in the pattern and the attempt at a certain amount of randomness.

Natural Stone Patterns
Mod Glam Collection

Naturally, technology marches on and our Mod Glam Collection, immediately above, offers a perfect example. Modern water-jet cutting techniques offer an almost unlimited amount of pattern creation. Essentially, the pattern is only constrained by our imaginations.

We hope to have illustrated a few ideas for Natural Stone Patterns in your design life. Thanks for reading folks.

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