Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas

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Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas

Natural stone has always been used in a wide variety of ways. Flooring, wall covering, paving, and a myriad of art forms and sculpture have led the way. Here are a few  Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas, since we feel that this is an area where stone is slightly underused in America.

At the top of this post, and immediately below, are two very easy uses for natural stone in a broad landscape application sense. The image above is the quintessential sub-tropical  pool-surround setting. Note the coping pieces as a finish detail. Below is a more modern style which illustrates the flexibility of natural stone in a wide range of design plans. Both of theses applications feature patterning, which is another quality that stone brings to the proverbial dance.

Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas
Marble Systems Landscape Stone

Here is a thought from Dering Hall about the migration of entertainment from your interior environment to your exterior: “Cooking and entertaining are a big focus right now. Trends that won’t go out of style are seating arrangements that provide inviting spaces for small to large gatherings, fireplaces and heaters to extend the seasons, and lighting to extend the experience. Enlisting your interior decorator can help make the outdoor living experience an extension of your interior. Some other trends we are seeing for the perfect outdoor space include a full-service kitchen and bar, along with a lounging area. This can be made even more complete with TV for viewing sporting events or audio to encourage some dancing or singing. If insects are an issue where you live, a screened in porch or gazebo is a great option. This also helps with protection from the sun in the summer and adds a little warmth in the spring and fall.” — Frank Mariani, Mariani Landscape

All of the points made above by Mr. Mariani cry out for the use of stone. Fireplaces, bar tops, kitchen tops, etc. Well, there you have a few Natural Stone Landscaping Ideas for your consideration. Thanks for reading.

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