Mustard Design Schemes

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Mustard Design Schemes are either on the way or have already made their arrival. Yes! That same mustard of the 1970’s! For example, in Europe the uber-hip site Italian Bark asks: “What it is that makes us go mad for mustard? This is possibly because it gives a wonderful warm aura in the summer, reflective and reminiscent of sunny days. Whilst remaining perfectly cosy and comforting in the cool winter months. Mustard Yellow as the name suggests is bright, perfect for those who appreciate colour yet has a touch of sophistication by the delightful dose of respectable mustard. A dark yellow, that is softer on the eye than vivid yellow. If mustard is your favourite colour it may suggest you have a desire for creativity and uniqueness.” Ok wow!

Closer to home, looked at publications such as HGTV, The Spruce, ELLE Decor, Houzz, and more in order to gather some common trends in design. They put their results in the graphic below:

Mustard Design Schemes

So where does a purveyor of natural stone, such as Marble Systems, enter this equation? We see ourselves as providing durable stone colors that will play well with mustard; perhaps also add a little extra juice through water-jet design. Take a look below at a Black Honed Marble in an Amulet pattern from our Elements Collection.

Mustard Design Schemes
Elements Waterjet Collection

Whether or not you embrace Mustard as a trending color is up to you. But if you do, we can help. Thanks for reading.

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