Tile Talks With Us: Marble Systems Anaheim Tile Showroom

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Join us on an exclusive journey through our Anaheim tile store, where a meticulously curated collection of 1000 tiles awaits to transform your design visions into reality. In this insightful interview with our CEO, Munir Turunc, discover the synergy of expertise within our dynamic team of three, blending youthful energy with decades of industry wisdom. Let’s unravel the story of creativity, experience, and personalized service that defines the unique allure of Marble Systems in Anaheim.


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Let’s ask the CEO!

Interviewer: Greetings, Mr. Turunc! Let’s dive into the elegance of our Anaheim tile store. Can you share some insights with our customers? How many items does our Anaheim showroom showcase?

CEO: Our Anaheim tile haven boasts a curated collection of 1000 exquisite items, each handpicked to elevate your design experience.


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Interviewer: How many individuals make up the stellar team at our Anaheim store, and what’s the collective industry experience? Tell us about the youngest and oldest team members.

CEO: We have a dynamic trio in Anaheim, three passionate individuals shaping your tile journey. The team’s collective experience spans years, with the youngest infusing fresh perspectives and the oldest contributing a wealth of wisdom garnered over the decades.


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Interviewer: What makes our Anaheim tile store stand out from the crowd?

CEO: Our Anaheim location isn’t just a store; it’s a design destination. With a wide selection, of experienced staff, mosaic customization, in-stock options for immediate pickup, and local specials, we redefine the tile shopping experience.



Interviewer: How many square feet does our Anaheim showroom cover, and is it ample space to decide on tile projects?

CEO: Spread across 2000 square feet, our Anaheim showroom is a canvas of possibilities. Ample space to immerse yourself in the world of tiles and make confident decisions for your dream projects.


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Interviewer: Are there any promotions awaiting our customers in the Anaheim showroom?

CEO: Absolutely! In Anaheim, we’re all about enhancing your experience. Enjoy free samples, and exclusive volume discounts for those larger projects, and keep an eye out for special local promotions designed to make your tile dreams a reality.


Visit our Anaheim tile showroom, Marble Systems, and explore the special selections of tiles and slabs!

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