Quartz Kitchen Countertops Fairfax Virginia

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There are a few things that we know about Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Fairfax Virginia. Let’s start with the production process. Basically, natural quartz crystals are quarried and then ground into an aggregate that is essentially dust at that point. This dust is then combined with a resin binder that holds it all together after the application of both heat and pressure.

There are a few compelling reasons to choose this product category.

-1. Quartz slabs present a relatively consistent visual. This puts some clients in their comfort zone. Very simply, they don’t have to deal with the movement and color ranges of granite and marble.

-2. There are an amazing amount of very eye-catching colors that are available. Marbles and granites are slightly less capable with this variable.

-3. Nothing is truly indestructible, but quartz kitchen countertops come very close.

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