Metropolitan New York Trends in Stone & Tile

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Metropolitan New York Trends in Stone & Tile are  inevitably moved and influenced by the monstrous New York – New Jersey – Connecticut real estate market. The umbilical connection between real estate and the stone/tile world  is a long standing fact life. Please take a look at the chart below from Zillow that places the New York  as the richest real estate market in the entire United States.

Metropolitan New York Trends in Stone & Tile

Naturally , a buyer paying these prices would be wise to consider real estate acquisition as a long term investment. However, there is something else to consider. The  arrival of a new generation: “’We’re on the other side of the housing recovery, and the real-estate market looks quite different than it did 15 or even five years ago,” said Zillow chief economist Svenja Gudell. “We have a huge generation entering the market. They really want to be homeowners, and they’re faced with an inventory crisis that leaves them with few options.’”

Think for a minute about the magnitude of the group entering the marketplace in what is largely a sellers market. Any thoughts on Metropolitan New York Trends in Stone & Tile must include the durability of stone and tile as product group. In a design plan, there are finishes, such as paint and wallpaper, that can obviously be changed as trends come and go. Stone and Tile, on the other hand, are very solid durables that, when  properly selected, become a true investment. This is significant for a generation of homeowners about to make a big step and is a point we strive to make to this demographic segment in our showroom interactions.


The image above is from our Afyon Sugar Marble Collection. Afyon marble will seldom let a homeowner down in terms of both style durability and functional longevity. Thanks for reading!

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