Fairfax Terrazzo Tile

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Our thoughts on Fairfax Terrazzo Tile were reinforced recently by a great online piece in the authoritative site, InteriorZine.com. Their thoughts echoed ours almost perfectly.

Fairfax Terrazzo Tile
Venetian Style Terrazzo

Here is what they have to say: ”The dynamic and intriguing nature of the terrazzo is bringing this complex material back in unexpected and hot trends. This durable material has been around for centuries used mainly into the architectural structures as flooring or cladding, but now is making a comeback in a significant artistic manner. A composite material formed by mixing marble, granite, quartz or glass chips into a cement or epoxy binder the terrazzo turns out to be flexible enough and sustainable enough to be used in multiple design articles and elements.”

Our Venetian Style Terrazzo, as shown above, keeps faith with the spirt of this timeless material while having all the benefits that the tile format brings to an installation. Stop in and visit our Fairfax location and check it out.

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