Black Natural Stone Fairfax Virginia

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Black Natural Stone Fairfax Virginia
Black Marble Mosaic

Black is the most resolute of colors. Yes, yes, we know that black in science is the absence of color or all visible light. However, in the world of stone, tile, and design it is a prominent color for many reasons. Hence, our post for the day Black Natural Stone Fairfax Virginia.

Black Marble Slab

Perhaps the first thing to consider is the classic fashion and design nature of black. After all, “basic black”, “black tie”, etc. make visual statements we are all familiar with. Likewise, in stone there are a few fundamentals like the black+white checkerboard pattern, the absolute  black granite kitchen countertop, and the contrasting flow in a hospitality setting such as The Mark Hotel in New York below.

The Mark Hotel, NYC

Marble Systems has three locations in the Washington, DC area where black natural stone is there for your perusal. Thanks for reading.

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