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If you are searching for exclusive and affordable tiles, look no further than our seasonal closeout tile sale. We have a variety of tiles available at discounted prices in a range of different styles and types. Browse from a selection of marble tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, and more for flooring, walls, backsplashes, and even outdoor patios.

Here are some of the highlights of the tile sale with product links included. To browse the entire selection, search our tile sale online.

1. Beige Marble Decorative Mosaic

This chic beige marble decorative mosaic for sale is the perfect floor tile inspired by vintage art deco designs. Our marble for sale category has a variety of chic marble tile and marble mosaic options. 

2. White Marble Paver Patio Tiles

These marble paver tiles for sale are well-suited for exterior applications and offer a classic, antique look.

3. White Ceramic Subway Tile

These classic white matte subway ceramic tiles for sale look incredible in the minimalist-style kitchen pictured above with beige cabinets and natural accents.

4. Polished Beige 12×24 Marble Tile

If you’re looking for a marble floor tile for sale that will create a soothing atmosphere in your space, then consider this polished beige marble tile.

5. Polished Gray 12×24 Marble Tile

This chic polished gray marble tile on sale is the gray version of the beige marble tile pictured above. Its cool tone works well in both traditional and modern interiors.

6. White Honed Marble Leaf Waterjet Deco

This white honed marble waterjet deco is incredibly sophisticated and instantly evokes elegance in spaces. This tile for sale works well for bathroom vanity backsplash like the one pictured above or in kitchens or other spaces.

7. Polished White 12×24 Marble Tile

This polished white marble tile is the epitome of timeless tile designs. Its white tone with subtle gray veining will make your space feel light and spacious. It can also be installed as a flooring tile option.

8. Beige Ceramic Picket Tile

These beige ceramic tiles for sale have a charming tear shape that suits modern farmhouse designs. Its neutral shade looks incredible when paired with wood tones.

9. White Marble Herringbone Tile Mosaic

Marble herringbone tiles are incredibly alluring. The mosaic tiles for sale pictured above are highly versatile and look incredible in a variety of different rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms, and even living rooms.

10. Large White Marble 24×24 Tiles

Choosing a large format marble tile instantly makes a room feel wide and spacious. A great fit for modern interiors, these floor tiles for sale have a polished finish.

11. Beige Hexagon Ceramic Tile

The beige hexagon ceramic tiles for sale in the picture above look incredible as both bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. Their beige coloring has a subtle honey undertone that adds warmth.

12. Handpressed Dark Terracotta Tile

If you’re seeking an artisanal-style antique tile for sale, consider these hand-pressed square terracotta tiles. These tiles are a classic, stylish choice for both interior and exterior flooring installations, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and patios.

13. Carrara Marble-Look Porcelain Tile

If you love the look of Carrara marble tile but are seeking something more affordable, then consider these marble-look porcelain tiles for sale. In the bathroom pictured above, they have been installed on both the floors and walls for a cohesive, minimalist design.

14. Pink Terrazzo Tile

Terrazzo tiles are becoming increasingly popular as a low-maintenance and chic kitchen tile option. We have a range of terrazzo tiles in multiple colors available in the closeout sale.

15. Traditional Dutch Ceramic Tile

A traditional Dutch ceramic backsplash tile is an effortless way to transform your kitchen into something welcoming and stylish. These ceramic tiles on sale have charming pictorial designs of traditional country scenes.

16. Light Gray Polished Marble Tile

The color of this sleek polished marble tile is between beige and gray, creating the perfect neutral tone. Utterly chic, this marble flooring tile for sale is highly versatile and suits a variety of design styles.

17. Glossy Ceramic Diamante Tile

These ceramic tiles for sale have a diamante shape and are available in a range of different colors. The geometric design of these bathroom tiles for sale is a great way to add some creativity to interiors.

18. Beige Chevron Ceramic Tile

Another neutral ceramic tile option, this glossy ceramic chevron tile is an effortless choice for kitchen backsplashes. They pair well with white marble or butcher’s block countertops and wooden cabinets.

19. Off-White Large Marble Tile

These large off-white marble tiles epitomize elegance. Shop the entire floor tile sale to discover even more marble tile options.

20. Abstract Ceramic Subway Tile

These ceramic subway tiles have a stunning abstract, contemporary design. If you’re looking for a way to transform your kitchen and add an artistic style, then consider choosing a tile with a fun pattern.

21. Veined White Marble Tile 

This bright white marble floor tile for sale has striking lined veining that adds a unique design and depth to a classic marble flooring tile. Use this tile to make a statement in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, entryway or more. 

22. Modern Patterned Ceramic Tile

Another excellent ceramic backsplash tile idea, this bold and abstract square ceramic tile has an intricate, abstract pattern that works well in modern interiors. Its bold black and white design is ideal for kitchens with white countertops and black cabinets, or vice versa. 

23. Leather Finish Limestone Tile

This leather finish limestone tile for sale is incredibly versatile because it suits both rustic and modern interiors. While it is shown installed on a wall in the picture above, it is also a great choice as a flooring tile for sale. 

24. Limestone-look Porcelain Mosaic Tile


Another stone-look porcelain tile, this limestone-look square mosaic has a natural gray coloring that is elegantly understated. The perfect bathroom tile for sale, it can be installed on bathroom floors, shower walls and floors, or even bathroom vanity backsplashes. 

25. Patterned Cement Tile

Another underrated choice when it comes to tiles for homes, this cement tile on sale has a creative zigzag pattern that is contemporary and joyful. Install it on either floors or walls depending on your preference. 

26. Colorful Ceramic Mosaic Tile

Last but not least is this glossy purple ceramic mosaic tile that looks so stylish as a kitchen backsplash tile. 

Shop the Closeout Sale

Discover more at our closeout tile sale. Shop affordable and stylish marble tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and more online today. 

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