Interlocking Stone Patterns

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Interlocking Stone Patterns

The place of Interlocking Stone Patterns in the pantheon of interior design elements has been discussed quite a few times in this space. Not only have those thoughts included pattern, but they have also considered other key elements in design such as texture and color. Now with that said, let’s review a few key points worth thinking about.

We recently discovered, on a very cool site called, a fine article entitled “Seven Elements of Interior Design” by Ms. Linda Chechar. These essential elements were as follows:

Space.Texture. Light. Color. Pattern. Line. Form
An interesting new product from Marble Systems, the Dimensions Waterjet Collection, offers a design team the ability to address four of the seven elements above very expeditiously. Those four being: Texture.Color.Pattern.Form.

At the very top of this post please note that these four elements are readily exemplified. Color. by the use of two colors of stone, Skyline and Silver Shadow. Then Form. or shape which is shown as Winter Leaf. The Texture. is expressed in a honed finish.  Then perhaps the pièce de résistance is the Interlocking Stone Patterns that sophisticated waterjet technology allows Marble Systems to offer. This is a great example of the essential element that is Pattern.


Any stone collection that can address four elements essential to interior design planning, by definition, contains quite a few moving parts. To make the collection easier to navigate please download more information on the Dimensions Waterjet Collection here.  As always, thanks for reading and contact us here for other general information.

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