Glass tile provides perfect appearance especially in kitchen backsplash applications, bathroom and pool flooring. Glass tiles & mosaics are soft to the touch with a neutral, organic edge.

Marble Systems offers an astonishing selection of modern glass mosaics and tiles.

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Antique Mirror Tiles Collection

Antique Mirror Tiles

Venetian glassmakers introduced the process of making mirrors out of plate in the early 16th century. Per Wikipedia Many of the important characteristics of these objects had been developed by the thirteenth century. Toward the end of that century, the centre of the Venetian glass industry moved to Murano.Marble Systems has taken this classic antiquing process and created a rich, artfully aged collection of patterns and field delivering an old world look with new world style. Suitable for interior wall use. Our Antique Mirror Tiles Collection is available in field sizes of; 3x6 beveled brick, 3x6 and 12x24. Our special order Water jet patterns in; Fan, Picket and Helena.
Coastal Glass Tile Collection

Coastal Glass Tile

Come sail away with Marble Systems’ Coastal Glass Tile Collection. Interlocking tiles are available in a combination matte /gloss finish. These glass tiles are soft to the touch with a neutral, organic edge. Super functional in active areas, including kitchen backsplashes, countertops, showers or floors.Over the years, the use of color has been a constant topic in the world of stone, tile and glass across America. We certainly spend a good deal of time in this space discussing it. One way to simplify the task of choosing a color scheme is by thinking in terms of “disposable” colors versus “durable” colorsAvailable in 7 soft environmental tones: Breeze, Fog, Air, Drift, Fresh, Tide and Foam. Plus an additional 6 metallic color values. Not suitable for pools or fountains where the tiles are submerged under water. Sold by the sq ft.
Oceanside Glass Collection

Oceanside Glass

Sorbetto Glass & Stone Collection

Sorbetto Glass & Stone

The Sorbetto Glass & Stone Mosaics Collection from Marble Systems puts stone and glass in combination, an ancient architectural concept. Both mediums imply a coolness of premise and purpose. Over the years, the use of color has been a constant topic in the world of stone, tile and glass across America. We certainly spend a good deal of time in this space discussing it. One way to simplify the task of choosing a color scheme is by thinking in terms of “disposable” colors versus “durable” colors. Glass and stone tiles provide the perfect example of a durable finishes  in modern design plans. In the technology of today, stone and glass mosaics reach new heights with the Sorbetto Collection. The glass elements are visually cool and the stone elements somewhat more warming.

Benefits Of Glass Tile, Pros, and Cons

If you are looking for something different than natural stone tiles in your kitchen, glass tile can be an intriguing alternative. Whether you use glass subway tile, glass wall tile or glass mosaic tiles, the glass backsplash will shine with a soft tremulous light in your kitchen.

Before you make your decision to buy, better check the pros and cons of this shimmering tile. The glass backsplash will definitely add a unique character to your cooking area. With the right choice, you can also have a perfect appearance not only in the kitchen but also in your bathroom and pool flooring.

Glass tiles & mosaics are soft to the touch with a neutral, organic edge. As Marble Systems, we offer an astonishing selection of modern glass mosaics and tiles.

If you want to learn about glass tile history, you can check this article. As wikipedia states: Glass was used in mosaics as early as 2500 BC, but it took until the 3rd century BC before innovative artisans in GreecePersia and India created glass tiles.

Personalized Appearance with Glass Tile

For a bold layout with a modern look, glass tiles can be a good option with a limitless variety of eye-catching colors and patterns. For example, you can choose our coastal tile collection which has 13 different colors and mosaic patterns. The look is absolutely adjustable.

Among the largest advantages related to making use of glass tile is that it is exceptionally functional as well as can be used in reasonably any kind of area. Pool, fireplaces, walls, floors, and also kitchen backsplashes are simply several of the areas that can gain from using glass floor tiles. And also, they can be prepared in specific patterns to get a stylish allure.

Coastal Glass Tile Collection

Come cruise away with Marble Systems' Coastal Tile Collection. Interlocking tiles are offered in a mix matte/ gloss coating. These glass-ceramic tiles are soft to the touch with a neutral, natural side.

Super functional in energetic areas, consisting of kitchen backsplashes, countertops, showers or floors. Over the years, the use of color has been a constant topic worldwide of stone, tile, and glass throughout America.

We definitely invest a good deal of time in this area reviewing it. One method to simplify the job of choosing a color scheme is by assuming in terms of "non-reusable" shades versus "resilient" colors Available in 7 soft environmental tones: Breeze, Fog, Air, Drift, Fresh, Tide, and Foam.

Plus an added 6 metallic color values. Not ideal for pools or fountains where the floor tiles are submerged underwater. Offered by the sq. ft.

Sorbetto Glass & Stone Mosaics Collection

The Sorbetto Glass & Stone Mosaics Collection is a good example of an adjustable look. The patterns in this collection are a mixture of glass and stone. If you are into DIY, you can even paint the color on the wall behind transparent glass floor tiles for a totally various look. The choices are endless.

You can reflect your individuality to your kitchen backsplash or bathroom with glass tiles. The nature of glass allows light to shimmer around. This will visually expand your room because glass tile will reflect more light.

Glass Will Make Areas Look Bigger

More light means more brightness. If you have a small kitchen, glass tile absolutely must be on your shopping list. The translucence, as well as unlimited color selections of glass, probably make it the most gorgeous, contemporary-looking backsplash product you can pick. The Glass tiles mirror the light to provide your kitchen or bath the look of being brighter and larger.

Glass Tile is Hygienic

These tiles are easy to clean and hygienic. As you know, some materials may be a good habitat for certain types of fungus which can grow in damp areas. Glass is mildew-resistant, which is especially practical if your family deals with allergic reactions.

Gunk and dashes are easy to rub out glass floor tiles with a little soapy water or versatile cleaner. Molds do not easily expand on the glass.

Numerous recycled-glass options are environment-friendly as well as fashionable if you want to use environmentally friendly products in your cooking area.

How Much Does It Cost?

From a price perspective, it is better to compare glass to ceramic tile which can be considered in the same category. Nonetheless, glass is a little bit pricey than ceramic. The cost can differ from $7 to $30 or more per square foot. Of course, the price also depends on the quality of the product.

Glass tiles are unbelievably resilient to cracks and breaks. But glass is still glass. If you are planning to install glass backsplashes by yourself, you have to be extra careful. Grouting requires more precision than other types of floor tiles.

You might take into consideration making use of a combination of glass as well as ceramic if glass tiles aren't in the budget. This is done by setting up ceramic floor tiles for the majority of the backsplash with a stripe of these tiles as an accent. This could be the ideal compromise you're wanting to stabilize the greater price with all the benefits of glass floor tiles!

How to Install Glass Tiles?

These popular backsplash tiles are a bit sensitive. Since glass is clear and transparent, the adhesive may show up easily. If you try DIY glass tile installation, accomplishing a professional-looking outcome might be kind of difficult. Therefore, you may consider hiring a professional for installation.

Just like ceramic tile, it is a better option to buy at least 10 percent extra floor tile than. If any damage happens, you can easily replace your tiles. If you choose a pro, be sure that the installer has an experience for glass tile.

Glass is also easy to reveal fingerprints. If the tiles are rubbed with the wrong products, they can get scrapes. It is not like other natural stone tiles. You can not easily fix the scratches on the tile and also to replace part of glass tile backsplash may be burdensome.

Types Of Glass Tiles

The majority of people believe that glass comes only in a clear as well as glossy finish, there are thousands of various other finishes that are offered. You have the chance to purchase glass floor tiles that are reflective or have an opaque shade. There are various other sorts of glass tiles that can be created to have a harsh finish instead of a glossy finish. With that said being claimed, the style choices are fairly countless in regards to glass ceramic tiles.

As previously pointed out, there are many choices available to you if you decide that you have an interest in these tiles. Glass helps to make the inside of a space bigger as it reflects light and keeps areas brighter for an extended amount of time. There are several terrific advantages associated with choosing glass tiles.

Glass or Ceramic Tile

Glass tiles are made from thin pieces of glass with clear glaze fired onto the back of each tile. They're marketed either individually or in predesigned mosaic patterns set on a mesh support.

Standard ceramic floor tiles are made from firing clay at a high temperature. The liquid glaze is added as well as the floor tiles are discharged again.

Glass and also ceramic are very different products with varied characteristics that might make one better than the various other for your backsplash tiling project.

Glass Tile is Water Resistant

Glass is not vulnerable to water with an absorbency rate of 0% (compared to ceramic, which has an absorbency rate of 0.5% to 3%). You can use glass tiles without any doubt in your kitchen, bathroom or pool.

They can be sold in mosaic forms as well. Just like Marble Systems' The Riva Del Mar Glass Pebbles Collection. This special collection which is a mixture of glass mosaics and pebbles is a good choice for shower walls. This tile is easy to maintain. That makes it an ideal choice for showers. You can easily clean up the soap residue that builds-up on the shower walls or floors.

Cons of Glass Tile Showers

As we said earlier, the main difficulty of glass tile occurs during installation. Showers have various sizes and designs. This may require special cuts. A pro can adjust tiles well in the shower.

Glass is a bit pricey than ceramic. If you are on the budget, you can mix glass with other cheaper materials. It is the same for kitchen backsplashes. You can decorate eye-catchy areas with glass tiles and install other sorts of inexpensive tiles for the wider areas. Blending can be a solution.

When we speak of walls, there is no problem about being slippery. But if you plan to use it on the surface, it is better to use the non-slip sealant to increase slip resistance. There are lots of materials in the market to overcome this problem.

If you are into glass tile, these disadvantages will definitely not stop you. Check our collections to find the glass tile that suits best for your remodeling and decoration needs.