Four Stone Design Elements

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We are hoping to add a few ideas on interesting ways to think of natural stone from a design perspective. Today, let’s discuss Four Stone Design Elements.

Four Stone Design Elements
Avalon Marble

A few years ago we came across a wonderful bit of work from Hatch Design in British Columbia. They told us this: “To create visually appealing spaces, interior designers apply various elements of design – line and shape, colour, texture and pattern, proportion, and light.” We extrapolated four points from their expertise that are most relevant to the stone industry.

Shape: this is an element where the stone industry shines. After all, we can cut and form natural stone into an almost infinite number of different shapes. Take a peek at our French Parquet Marble at the very top of this post.

Pattern: as you can see in the image immediately above, interesting shapes produce interesting patterns.

Four Stone Design Elements
Leathered Stone

Texture: stone can be finished, after it has been cut, in many different ways. Most folks have a familiarity with polished and honed. However, those two finishes are hardly the extent of our capabilities. Note the unique visual that our Leathered Stone presents in the image above.

Color: this element never tires in the manner that it can influence our life and mood. Below is an outstanding example of the subtle use of stone delivering color to a space.
Olive Green Limestone

We hope these Four Stone Design Elements make sense and add value. Thanks for reading.

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