Four Design Ideas for Today – Fall & Winter 2013

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Four Design Ideas for Today

While working on what Fall & Winter design trends have offered, we found a very interesting post by Jo Ridout. This drove a few things home, so  here are four design ideas for today!  

Embrace shapes  – This space has already discussed elongated shapes  and the hexagon as trending pieces that are contributing to greater and more complicated patterning. For example, you can see below, from our Diana Royal Collection, a fine example of elongated rectangles interlocking to form a classic multi-colored lattice pattern.

in Black & White – Of course this is always a part of the scene, but recent fashion seasons have stridently trumpeted this classic combination. So too has the fashion forward design space. In discussing  2013 design trends, the site Marie Claire  moves past black and white and cites monochrome style in general by saying “for those who like things a little more black and white, classic monochrome styling is here to stay; at least for the next season anyway. They’ve always gone together, but will they ever go out of fashion? Not for a long time” . Below you will see an interesting spin on this standard from the Granite Design Collection, featuring Absolute Black and Kashmir White.

Many Shades of…..Gray – Please excuse the humor….but there is no question that gray is the neutral of the day. However, various shades of gray used together raise the color above a simple neutral and allow it to stand by itself. Below are three shades of gray from the Stiletto Collection of rectified porcelain tile.

Bright & Bold – Should these monochromatic ideas  and gray dreams not  excite you very  much, then maybe you should go a little bolder play!. Make a stronger statement with a splash of color with a natural stone, such as Golden Onyx  below. An exotic and luxurious element in stone!

We hope that this post helps you by suggesting these four design ideas for today. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this post and remember that Marble Systems has showrooms across the United States and now also in Puerto Rico. Please enjoy our best wishes!

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