Embrace The Cottagecore Trend With A Cottage Stone Floor

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Cottagecore life is a simple one. It celebrates the idea of simple living, quaint countryside homes, and all the small, cute ideas of life. It’s one of those ways of living that people dream about all the time. To a certain extent, it can be your life.

Now, you don’t just have to live in the countryside or even in a cottage to embrace the cottage-core lifestyle. No, it can instead just be about the kind of flooring that you have.

There are certain types of flooring that seem to just work nicely with the whole aesthetic of a cottage core world, from both an indoor and outdoor perspective. Let’s take a look at some examples together.

The Indoor Vibe

The idea of a cottage core inside is well within your grasp thanks to some truly fantastic offerings inside. For example, you’ve got the Seashell Cottage Limestone Tiles and the Allure Cottage Marble Tiles.

Seashell Cottage Limestone Tile 16x24

Seashell Cottage Limestone Tile

Allure Cottage Marble Tile 16x24

Allure Cottage Marble Tile


Both of these are prime examples of how the cottagecore life can be available for someone. The thing about them is that they’re clean and minimalist and highly simplistic and enjoyable.

These options are specifically meant for an indoor capacity. This means that everything they are, and everything they could be is geared towards inside usage. However, that should not dissuade anybody from using them. They have a variety of benefits that all make for a great way of doing things.

It’s definitely the stark simplicity and timeless charm of them that makes them such a good pick. This is an option that is easy to work with and one that will be prominent for a long time. They look amazing because they are.

The simple, subdued look is always a winning one. It really does help to invoke a more rustic look, one that focuses a good deal on the idea of charming cottage-style flooring. You would pair this with wooden furniture. Why? Because it would fit in with the world and generally take great care with rustic style choices in nature.

The Outdoor Look

Ultimately, the good thing about the cottage core aesthetic is that it can be used in an outdoor setting too. So types of materials and designs that could work indoors, like Skyline Vein Cut Cottage Marble Tiles or the Silver Shadow Cottage Stone Marble Tiles, can be used effectively in an outdoor setting.

Skyline Vein Cut Cottage Marble Tile 16x24

Skyline Vein Cut Cottage Marble Tile

Silver Shadow Cottage Marble Tile 16x24

Silver Shadow Cottage Marble Tile


It’s important to recognize that the marble flooring material can be used in both settings. It is a highly flexible and adaptable offering.

The outside design works well for a lot of different reasons. It’s easy to work in a cottage core aesthetic when you’ve got clean, simple lines and a rustic charm that works well with outside space.

It’s easy to pair these types of materials with a patio or a back garden space. You get a rustic charm that works well with a simple, clean, minimalist way of life. It’s quite simple in its conception and approach which is nice.

You get a genuine sense of sophistication and enjoyment from this which is really quite nice because it’s easy to see what the different options combine into.

A Note From Our Designers

So when it comes to creating a space that is absolutely just yours, and one which does fit in with the cottagecore aesthetic, you’ve got a lot of options.

The good thing about a cottage stone floor is that you have access to many different options. This is a great way to experiment with different style choices, figure out what kind of design aspects work for you, and ultimately pick the type of options that will suit your needs in the best way.

Ultimately, it’s about being able to experiment and find out what works for you, and this can take time. However, it is definitely worth it in the long run, because you get access to a pretty sophisticated range of options, and plenty of different choices.

It’s easy to find what works for you and explore a wide selection of options. This is nice, and you do have a reasonable number of choices when it comes to different styles. The examples we looked at here are just a few from our vast range of natural stone flooring. They do demonstrate that the cottagecore trend is a great foundation for creating a layered style. It’s definitely worth exploring here at Marble Systems.

View our full collection of natural stone tiles here or get in touch with our design and sales team to assist you or stop by our tile store in Anaheim and explore our selection of tiles.

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