Designing with White Stone, Part Two: A few tips from the pros!

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A few tips from the pros

As previously discussed in this space, the color white is many things to many people and so does a white stone. Those things range from symbolic sanctity to bridal purity to wintry white clean. Of course, in the science of my youth, this “color” is the entire spectrum of light seen together and therefore not a single color at all!

With all that said, let’s discuss a few tips for using white stone in your design plans. All white stones can offer you a design “backdrop” on which to create your bathroom tile ideas, your kitchen tile ideas, your living room ideas, or anywhere else inside or out. What do I mean by that? Let’s say you really love this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald. But, you are worried about such a color becoming dated. Then why not use the color value in accent with white stone predominating. Very simple!

pantone emerald

Now let’s explore two concepts in the usage of white stone.

  • Dimension
  • Texture

If you look below, from the Marble Systems Silver Clouds Marble Collection you will see one of these design elements in play. The varying thicknesses of the stone pieces give a three-dimensional appeal. Frank Lloyd Wright once said that the walls of a stone quarry tell a story. This three-dimensional faceting of the stone brings quarry walls to mind.

As to texture, in the image below the split-faced nature of the stone is providing a maximum visual for a textured white stone application while at the same time giving a totally authentic tactile experience.
white stone, white marble

Well, as we come to the end of this post let’s recap. We revisited the use of white marble as a background for strong color. Then we examined white stone and how to use it to achieve dimensional and textural goals in space. This is part two of a series on designing with white stone. We hope that you enjoyed it and that you will be back in a few weeks to think about the white stone used as a directional element and as a lighting complement.

Until then, Marble Systems has showrooms across America and now in Puerto Rico! The professionals there will be glad to help you with your design needs! See you soon!

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