Designing with White Stone, Part One: A few tips from the pros!

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The color white is many things to many people. In Hinduism, it is the color of sanctity. American wedding culture offers us a bride in white. The clean white dress shirt once theoretically distinguished the office man from the working man. Of course, the “white elephant” is symbolic of a possession that is seemingly impossible to liquidate while heinously costly to maintain. Now, let’s discuss Designing with White Stone.

designing the snow white

Disney gave us Snow White. We play and create in the white of snow and science says it is not even color but rather the entire spectrum of light seen together!

Now that we have had a little fun, let’s get down to a few tips for using white stone in your design plans. White stone, especially marble, provides you with a very forgiving blank canvas onto which you can “paint” your design ideas. Whether you are cultivating a bathroom design in stone tiles, a kitchen countertop, a living room floor space, or any other idea you may have, a white marble background allows you tremendous flexibility. As you can see in the image at the top of this post, the “Snow White Collection” from Marble Systems is used in this instance to punctuate a clean modern style playing off society’s ubiquitous flat screen. That one is easy!

White will also allow the introduction of bold colors. If you want to add strong primary colors into space, white is a fine companion. Perhaps trending purples, greens, etc are what you have in mind but you’re a little bit afraid of the trend someday becoming dated. Add them anyway in such a manner that they can be swapped. Paint or paper in your statement colors against your white marble will stand the test of time and trend. Just rotate the paint and paper while the white stone stands eternal.

Sometimes you may hear that white is a tad boring. We think not. As discussed above, your white stone can serve as the backdrop for as much drama as you may care to add to any space. There is always one great use of white stone. As you see below, from our “Thassos White Collection”, white is clean, and clean is not boring!

Designing with White Stone

Consider the option of juxtaposing your white stone against a black stone to make that timeless black/white combination. You can go even a step further and introduce another staple color into your black and white dream.

In the image below, you see a playful, yet fundamentally solid, use of a saturated green value, Verde Shana, working with Carrara and black marble.

Designing with White Stone

Well, I think we are coming to an end for this post. This is part one of a series on designing with white stone. We hope that you enjoyed it and that you will be back in two weeks for a little more discussion!

In the meantime, Marble Systems has showrooms across America and now in Puerto Rico! The professionals there will help you with a hands-on approach to your design needs! See you soon!

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