Decor Trend: Book-Matched Marble

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Book-matched marble has been a decorative feature in interiors for thousands of years. Used on everything from furniture and decorative objects to walls and floors, it gets its unique name from the way it’s created. When a slab of marble or stone is sliced thinly, the slices share the same distinct pattern. They’re installed to mirror each other, like the pages of a book. Displaying in full detail the natural beauty of the stone.

Where To Install Book-Matched Marble:

Installations that use book-matching work best in locations where the marble slabs are on full display. Spot this design trend in commercial locations as a dramatic accent wall in a lobby, restaurant or bar. A statement of luxury, book-matched installation is trending in residential interiors too. In addition to marble, the technique works beautifully with other patterned stones like onyx, malachite, and highly-figured granites.

Master bathrooms can be the perfect place to display book-matched stone. Centered on the wall of a walk-in shower, the distinctive natural patterning of stone is like a work of art. Book-matched marble makes a beautiful backdrop for vanity mirrors, or use it to create an amazing, geometric floor design. For more book-matched ideas, we recommend Pinterest as great source of inspiration.

Alternating slabs of stone add rhythmic pattern to a kitchen backsplash. In a modern kitchen design with open shelving, a backdrop of book-matched stone makes a luxury statement.

Is Book-Matched Stone Right For Your Home?

Installing marble this way is an expensive process; each slab has to be re-cut into thinner slices. Choose a stone that has strong, distinctive veins that run deep through the slab, so the pattern will appear in every slice. Like for or example our Calacatta Gold Extra, Calacatta Corchia or Calacatta Cielo.  The symmetrical patterns created when the slices are book-matched gives floors, walls or counter tops a beautiful geometry.

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