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A natural stone slab can be a very useful resource when it comes to interior decoration. These types of offerings are widespread, have a lot of use, and frequently provide incredible feature walls and floors.

Picking the right kind of stone slab is definitely tricky. There are a lot of different types of natural stone slabs that you could interact with. But not all of them will be appropriate, so it’s important to know what the differences between them are.

Let’s take a look at some of the different stone slabs that are on offer. You’ll see how they would fit into your home.

Granite Slabs

So, why not kick this all off by taking a look at the Luna Pearl Polished Granite Slab Granite slabs are, by principle, usually a good pick. They’re easy to work with natural stone slabs. They look neat, are made from good material, and fit well into a home environment.

natural stone slab

As a lot of common stone slab materials, granite is very rustic. It would fit well inside of a property that tends to focus more on the old-fashioned. We often see slabs being used as countertops, or as feature walls. This is because they are highly traditional and charmingly rustic, in fact.

Traditional uses often include things like countertops, as well as domestic walls and even floors in some cases. The granite is highly flexible, which does allow a lot of choices.

Marble Slabs

Another popular choice for a natural stone slab is something like marble, for obvious reasons. The Silver Shadow Polished Marble Slab is a pretty popular pick. It’s sleek, clean-looking, and has a lot of prospective uses within a typical household.

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Pay close attention to the minimalist lines and overall stark simplicity of it. Unlike some other stone slabs, which feature more heavily in regards to colors and dynamic designs, this is quite neat and modern-looking. There is a gradual shift at the moment back to a sort of stark minimalism, which is nice, and this kind of slab helps with that.

It’s definitely the type of thing you’d see as a countertop, or as a wall piece. It also works well in homes where the focus is on simple elegance.

Onyx Slabs

Another popular natural stone slab type, albeit for different reasons is the Onyx style of options. These types of slabs occupy a lot of places, with an offering like the Tiger Onyx Polished Onyx Slab being a readily available one.


When we compare this to the other options available, like for example marble, what’s on offer here becomes quite obvious. Gone are the sleek minimalist lines, replaced instead with a random, unpredictable pattern that does legitimately look very attractive.

There’s an element of chaos here that somehow manages to look regal and sophisticated all at once. We often see this particular type of stylistic choice in places like bathrooms. If you use it in a bathroom, it provides a unique background, and atypical countertop/feature wall placements.

Slate Slabs

It wouldn’t be a proper conversation about natural stone slabs if we didn’t talk about slate, and what it brings to the table. Take, for example, the Montauk Black Honed Slate Slab.

natural stone slabs

This is the kind of slab that is unique when you compare it to other offerings and also blessed with its own charm. Sleek, dark, understated – the all-black aesthetic is one that can be highly successful in the right situation. It lends well to a sense of the bespoke and yet, something dangerous all at once.

Excellent choices for something like this would be things like the bathroom, or kitchen, or even walls and floors. The great thing about an all-black aesthetic is that it has near-universal applications, so you can just keep working with it.

Final Thoughts On Natural Stone Slabs

Ultimately, your typical natural stone slab offering is one that can be highly successful in the right moments. Slabs are a common feature in households owing to their flexibility overall. You can use them in so many different places. This is what is great about slabs. All you need to do is to check out the different kinds.

Whether you want the sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist lines of marble or the chaotic energy of onyx, there are choices for everyone. Experimentation is key to finding the right kind of material and color for your home, as well as knowing exactly what it is that you want to be able to do with the slabs in the first place – a brighter slab fits a bathroom more than a darker one, in some cases.

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