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Here is why Cozy Minimalist Style is not a crazy idea and how Cozy Minimalist Stone can help you achieve this design plan. Let’s start with our familiar themes about pre-crash and post-crash concepts. Prior to the Great Recession, “more and more” seemed  be “never enough, never enough“. In stone world, that meant elaborate elements such as hand-carving and highly ornate moldings were Au Courant. Following that economic calamity came a certain design austerity that was clearly yielding to a functional minimalism.

Cozy minimalist stone

Recently, the fine site, posted a wonderful piece which echoed many of our sentiments. The author opined that previously, “interior design followed the motto of “more is more.” We saw rooms crammed to the gills with big, heavy furniture pieces, layers upon layers of fabrics, and more accessories than we could count. Rooms often felt cramped, even if they were sizable—it was just a little too much”. This is concisely stated in our view.

That being said, no point in this post can be more clearly made than this one: “Cozy Minimalist Style” is far from oxymoronic. Rather, the clean, clear, uncluttered space favored by the pure minimalist can be easily layered with design elements that modify it towards the “cozy”. For example, consider using a simple stone as the minimalist base that warmer, friendlier, “cozier” items then live on. Our American Slate Collection is shown above and Thassos White is below and at the very top of the post. More about these selections later.

Once again steps up and suggests accessories such as: “area rugs, throw pillows and blankets, wall art and mirrors, decorative bowls and trays, coffee table books, candles, picture frames, plants, flower and vases, and Décor items”. All of these make perfect sense of course.

Please notice three images from Marble Systems in this post. Quite intentionally, we have suggested these very minimalist stones in somewhat of a “naked” state. We hope this approach fires the design imagination and leads to the above discussed additions to Cozy Minimalist Stone as a clean background. Marbles Systems has locations across the United States and the Caribbean. The design professionals in those locations are very capable of guiding you down this or any other design path that you may choose. Thanks for reading!

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