Black Kitchens

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It is not arguable that survey after survey anoints the kitchen as the most important space in the home. Whether that judgment is based on social interaction or future resale value, the result is the same. Now, for The Fall of 2019 we have to discuss Black Kitchens.

Black Kitchens
Calacatta Bella Marble

Interior Stylist and Journalist, Sophie Warren-Smith, put together an interesting post that gave us a perspective on Black Kitchens from the UK. Check this out: “Yes, that’s right – black is back and it’s gracing our kitchens! Leisha Norman, Designer at Harvey Jones, explains: ‘For 2020, we are seeing a lot of bold cabinetry colours – people seem to be braver than they used to. Not only shades of green, but also, moving away from cool grey tones, we’re seeing more and more black. Black adds sophistication, drama and depth to the space, especially when dressed with statement metallic ironmongery and well-positioned lightning, which is essential to light up a darker scheme.’”

It is also important to strike a sense of balance. At the very top of this post is a great example (photo credit: Harvey Jones) that shows black cabinets being nicely offset by gray tops and a wood floor. The essence of our participation in these kitchens is to provide hard surfaces that contribute to the effort.

Black Kitchens

That might be, for example, black granite, dark slate, white marble, or gray limestone since all will work well in this environment. Thanks for reading.

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