Aspen Snow White Marble

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Aspen Snow White Marble

The Winter of 2014 delivered on two promised trends. Firstly, snow, snow and more snow in the Upper Midwest, Northeast and South. Any questions on that simply check out the imagery from Atlanta last month Secondly, snow white marble color values continue to work their way into one design plan after another. To validate this, one of our favorite quotes on the use of white marble comes from the very elegant site enchanted They told us in a cool post…  “today I honor my good friend, white marble in all its glory and all the magnificent ways it graces our homes.  Used in countless bathrooms, kitchens and throughout other areas of the home, white marble is the ultimate in luxury, beauty and understated elegance. Some of the skeptics say it is not practical….personally I do not agree, in Europe it’s used everywhere”!


aspen snow white marble

Sometimes we hear that “white is back”. Well, of course, we think white never left. There are thousands of design reasons for this but at least two of them are simple to understand. Firstly, as we have stated in this space on more than one occasion, white sets a hygienic standard that is hard to deny. With a minimum of housekeeping effort, white glistens, shines and reflects a sense of ultra clean. Secondly, as the perfect background color, the number and type of surrounding elements is expansive to say the least. In the kitchen, for example, almost any appliances, backsplashes and paint colors are going to work. In the bathroom, soft goods selection and styles are wide open with a snow white marble canvas.

Marble Systems Aspen Matble

Marble Systems is happy to have the Aspen White Honed Collection in its repertoire. Of course this collection features a glorious white marble color way. However, it is enhanced by a subway tile format, sophisticated mosaics and classic moldings.Marble Systems has points of sale all over the United States and also in Puerto Rico. Please find that contact information here. Once again, we are very happy to have you here…so thanks for reading.

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