Antiqued White Stone

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In our thirty years of observation, interior design trends always contain a certain aspect of “what is old is new again” thought. This is certainly true as we discuss antiqued white stone as a viable contribution to sophisticated design plans in 2014. A quick point of clarification will help us here, The term “antiqued” can generally be understood as a process that yields an older and more weathered look or appearance. Naturally, this process has a perfect partner in white stone. With that said, let’s move on and take a wider view.

Skyline vein cut pave antiqued white stone

Now that we are entering the languid days of summer, a tour of almost any American luxury stone and tile showroom will reveal a few simple design trend truths. Here are three to think about!

  1. Design plans strive for an open and often times airy approach that aspires to simple class and grace while avoiding some of the overbearing opulence of the heady days prior to the Great Recession. Antiqued White is a great choice as wall tiles to create a pure background for your spaces like the living room.
  2. White is abundant as a background color value and as a monochrome style unto itself. Within that subset lies white tile and in particular white marbles and limestones.
  3. Antiqued architectural elements are used to warm up some of the spaces created by the two points above. Again, take your eye to the edge treatments that enhance the stone flooring at the top of this post and the more detailed view below.

Diana Royal antiqued white stone

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the launch of Diana Royal- Pave Antico and Skyline-Pave Antico. Two superb examples of antiqued white stone!

Cheer your place up with Country Floors, explore more white stone tile ideas such as marble tiles and ceramic tiles!

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