22 Doorless Walk-in Shower Ideas

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Doorless showers are a modern bathroom trend that is steadily gaining steam in 2023. While the trend of having a doorless walk-in shower is nothing new, new layouts and tiles are making the style more popular among homeowners. The draw of a doorless shower is that they don’t require a shower curtain or door to function. These showers can contain multiple shower heads and feature easy drainage via graded floors.

The aesthetic appeal of doorless walk-in showers is a combination of simplicity and practicality that makes them a great choice for any home that has enough space. Many homeowners have done whole bathroom remodels after upgrading to a doorless shower. The architectural possibilities of these showers will inspire sweeping change in how bathrooms are used and designed. Either way, you will be happy to know that options for both styles exist and we have included them here for you to explore.

Walk-in showers without doors can include glass for a nearly invisible view of the full shower, but there are many stunning options that are door free. Small doorless walk-in shower ideas usually feature designs that have no doors so the shower space appears less cluttered and more spacious. We hope you find one, or more of these open walk-in shower ideas appealing enough to use them in your home – happy designing!

Open-Concept Walk-in Showers for Small Bathrooms

1. Keep it Sleek and Simple

walk in shower
Chevron Aspen White Polished Marble Waterjet Decos by Marble Systems.

Simple is always best in small showers. You want to keep colors and patterns simple in small doorless walk-in showers to make the shower a focal point in the room.

2. Go for an Accent Wall

doorless shower
Bordeaux Matte Ceramic Tile by Marble Systems.

If you want a bit of drama in your design, have a small doorless shower that features an accent wall. Ceramic tiles, like the Bordeaux Matte Ceramic Tile from the Bella Muro Ceramic Tile Collection shown above, are a great choice.

3. Create a Mysterious Mood with Dark Tiles

open concept shower
Bianco Carrara Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile by Marble Systems.

The opposite of stark white tiles for your small doorless shower is dark tile. Think black, grey, and brown porcelain, marble, or terracotta.

4. Use Solid Colors

walk in shower ideas

Solid colors for tiles and accents in small doorless showers are key. Solid colors ensure that small spaces look sophisticated instead of busy.

6. Go Earthy

doorless shower ideas

Your doorless shower can have a design realistic that depicts natural elements with warm, organic hues and natural stone.

5. Open the Room with a Monochrome Look

open concept shower ideas
Snow White Honed Penny Round Marble Mosaic by Marble Systems.

You can use one solid shade of tile to create a solid backdrop to colorful decor and shiny fixtures. In the image above, white ceramic subway tiles and penny-round mosaics are utilized to create a striking monochrome look.

7. Elevate the Space with Mosaics

walk in shower tiles
Diana Royal, Snow White Multi Finish Basket Weave Mosaic by Marble Systems.

Mosiac tiles are nice additions for open-concept showers. Your small bathroom will look perfectly stylish with a doorless shower covered in a mosaic that allows for the rest of the room to shine. Hexagons are very popular in small doorless showers because they create visual depth and simplicity.

8. Utilize Slanted Walls

doorless walk in shower ideas
Snow White Polished Diagonal Basket Weave Marble Mosaic by Marble Systems.

Your doorless shower may benefit from a shape transformation. There’s no hard and fast rule that says that all showers need flush ceilings. If your space has slanted walls or ceilings you can install a doorless shower that will accentuate this natural feature.

Embrace Depth and Luxury

9. Try Glass Grid Doors

doorless shower tub
Barn Glossy Ceramic Tile by Marble Systems.

Doorless showers don’t have to be completely enclosed. You can use glass grids to create a partial covering that will help slightly separate areas. This tile from the Status Ceramic Collection compliments the grid doors nicely.

10. Consider Marble-Look Porcelain Walls

walk-in shower
Pulpis Grey Polished Marble Look Porcelain Tile by Marble Systems.

Using smoky marble-look porcelain tiles on walk-in shower walls will leave a stunning result.

11. Blend Shade for Depth

master bathroom walk in shower ideas
White Matte Hexagon Ceramic Tile by Marble Systems.

Your shower remodel should fit your home for years, so aim for one shade or a blend of complementary shaded tiles.

12. Embrace Minimalism

walk in shower with seat
Snow Matte Porcelain Tile by Marble Systems.

A full doorless walk-in shower in a small bathroom will cut down on visual clutter and result in a room that feels larger. This doorless shower features our Telluride Porcelain Tile.

13. All-Out with Marble

walk in shower ideas for small bathrooms
Glacier Honed Marble Tile by Marble Systems.

The idea behind open-concept walk-in showers for small bathrooms is to create a visually dynamic look in a small space. Honed marble, like the Calacatta Green Honed Marble Tile or Glacier Honed Marble Tile, is a splendid choice.

14. Luxurious Limestone

tile walk in shower
Bosphorus Full Grain Limestone Tile by Marble Systems.

Limestone tiles are another rustic way to bring the outdoors inside for your nature-inspired doorless shower.

15. Iridescent Glass

walk in shower designs

We couldn’t forget to add glass to this list. A small walk-in shower would shine magnificently with either solid or iridescent glass shower walls.

Go for Clean, Colorful Accents

16. Pops of Green

doorless shower tub
Verde Capri, Snow White Multi Finish Stars Marble Mosaic by Marble Systems.

You can install a small doorless shower that is bold and daring, or have a simple layout that allows for lots of growth. This mosaic tile from the Atelier Mosaic Tile Collection has vibrant bursts of green that look beautiful in the white space.

17. Bright Red Accents

walk in shower tub
Snow White, Fire Engine Glossy Desmond Ceramic Tile by Marble Systems.

Reds in all hues are attractive in walk-in showers. Small doorless showers would look especially warm featuring glazed terracotta tiles or colorful ceramic tiles.

18. Bold Blue Shades

cost of walk in shower
Yagasuri Matte Ceramic Tile by Marble Systems.

Blue in bathrooms is classic, so try a tropical glossy shade of blue in your small walk-in shower to create a look worthy of paradise. The tile shown above from the Wagara Ceramic Collection takes inspiration from classic Japanese bathroom designs.

19. Rich Rustic Browns

small walk in shower

Browns are underused in bathrooms. Try to add a mosaic with a brown tone and revel in the beauty of nature.

20. Sunny Yellows

walk in tubs shower combo

White tiles for doorless showers are nice, but yellow can be just as vibrant and bright.

21. Warm Oranges

bathroom with walk in shower

Orange is a popular color for zellige tiles. A Mediterranean motif would look ultra stylish as a doorless shower idea.

22. Classic Cream

walk in shower tile

Last but not least, cream marble tile is a subtle but charming small bathroom doorless shower idea that can work and grow with your tastes over the years.

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