Kitchen Tiles for Perfect Kitchens

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Kitchen Tiles for Perfect Kitchens

Kitchen tiles are essential elements of a kitchen. From sink to the kitchen island, from floor tile to wall tile, you don’t want to make a mistake when choosing new kitchen tiles. Either for a tiny make-up or for a big renovation in your kitchen, you have to choose kitchen tiles wisely. Your cooking area may be a big kitchen, kitchenette or a galley, it doesn’t matter.

Kitchen Tiles

There is a wide selection of tiles that will inspire your cooking style and will make you feel like a real chef. If you choose the correct tiles from granite and quartz to polished porcelain and ceramics, your favorite dining room will immediately get a new look. Luckily, you are the right place to choose from. At Marble Systems, we have over 100 exquisite tile collections. These stunning collections are carefully designed and crafted by the industry’s top designers for kitchen walls or kitchen backsplash.

What are the kitchen tiles made of?

Kitchen Backsplash

Generally, tile mosaics, porcelain, and ceramics are popular choices for kitchens. But of course, marble, glass, granite, and other durable natural stones are very popular, too. You can hear subway tiles a lot recently. You can choose glass tile or ceramic tile as your kitchen tile material. All of these different materials have their advantages and disadvantages. It is a good starting to point lo learn more about natural stones and their alternatives.

Kitchen Tiles

If you choose sophisticated backsplash tiles or a granite countertop for your kitchen, your visitors will admire your tile design as soon as they enter the door. If you prefer your kitchen floor tile to create a subtle artistic accent, the silent tones of natural stones are an excellent choice.

At Marble Systems, we always have many different options for your home. New arrivals like Amelia Waterjet and Atelier Mosaic or classics like Calacatta Marble may be an answer to your questions. Black and white marble also never becomes out of date. Natural stone tile options are basically limitless. Even there are metallic tile options for kitchens but it is not the focus of this article.

Earth’s Gift to Humanity: Natural Stones

Floor Tiles

Natural stones are the most basic building materials used since the early days of humanity. The stones of different properties, which can adapt to all climates have been used in all architectural structures from the largest buildings to the smallest houses. Many buildings made of stones in Europe are still standing firmly today. Despite being so strong, the stones lost their former value after modern building materials like cement and steel emerged. Natural stones are delicate materials and it is not easy to cut, shape and process when compared to cement.

One of the world’s outstanding monuments like Taj Mahal is a great example of natural stone.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal. Indian Symbol – India travel background. Agra, India

A type of white marble which is called Makrana Marble was used to build iconic Taj Mahal. No matter how healthier and durable it is, it is not wrong to say that the general use of natural stones slowed down as the main building material. On the other hand, the emerge of modern stone cutting technologies and recent design trends open new doors for natural stone tiles. Thanks to waterjet cutting machines and modern designers. Natural stone tiles are now an important part of modern architecture.

Kitchen Countertop

We have one of the largest slab inventory at Marble Systems. Marble, granite, travertine, limestone… You name it. These beautiful, stunning natural stones are perfect choices as a kitchen island or kitchen countertop. Here is an example of a quartzite slab from our inventory. Check this link to see more. You can also read this article to learn more about kitchen countertop options.

Backsplash Ideas

One of the most annoying situations in kitchens is oil, dirt and food stains that leap around the stove or sink and leave traces in ceramics and wall paint. Kitchen backsplashes made of natural stones play a vital role to fight against this kind of dirty splashes. You’d like to choose cheaper alternatives but keep in mind that natural stones are antibacterial and stain-resistant.

Kitchen Backsplash

It is easier to remove dirt and stains from natural stones. A backsplash is also an important factor for a beautiful kitchen design. To see more about kitchen backsplash you can watch this video:

Or you can read this detailed article about kitchen backsplashes.

Kitchen Island

When natural stones are used as decoration material, it is necessary to be careful when using this powerful decoration material that directly affects the area it is used and adapts its color and light to its own color tones. If a kitchen decoration in light color tones is used in general, it is appropriate to prefer natural stones in transparent color tones such as white. If you want to have a dim and cool kitchen, you can easily choose granite stones in dark gray tones. You can apply this logic when you choose your kitchen island.

Marble Kitchen Island

Marble is one of the most hygienic material in the world, so the countertop made of marble is, too.

Wall tiles made of natural stones will give your kitchen an effective and extraordinary look. These earth gifts have natural veins that give them a unique look. So whenever you use marble or granite as a kitchen island or countertop, they will never look the same. This means you’ll have your unique kitchen no matter what you buy with the same name or brand.

Modern kitchen
Modern kitchen

Natural Stones are Safer

Another issue that is experienced in kitchens and is dangerous and the most annoying is the slippery floor. If you choose honed natural stone such as travertine or limestone, you will never encounter dangers such as slipping and falling, no matter how wet the floor is. Because kitchen tiles made of natural stone have water-absorbing properties. These stones will make you feel safe for your kids or your elderly family members.

Suggestions For Kitchen Tiles

If you choose platinum / polished wall, counter or floor coverings in your kitchens; you can get a perfect harmony with your lacquered cabinets and sparkling built-in products. Thanks to these stones reflecting light, it is possible to achieve the latest stylish visual effects that shine brightly and with Marble Systems products.

Granite Slab
Granite Slab is a perfect choice as a kitchen countertop

On the other hand, if you like matte textures and colors, aged textured natural stones will offer a reflection that suits your taste in your kitchens. You can design a kitchen suitable for your simple taste with many kinds of products such as aged travertine, meshed marble travertine models, meshed natural stone silver effect stones, bright white marble mosaic models.

Travertine – Marble Combinations

You can also energize your kitchens with natural stone ceramic models with cube motifs, which are 3D models that offer 3D effects. In short, if you want size and eye games in your kitchens, we recommend you to examine the 3D products with Travertine-marble options.

kitchen tiles
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While kitchens are now attracting heavy foot traffic, kitchen tiles are becoming more important. To make your kitchen as the heart of your home, you can choose a wide variety of colors, from beige to cream color, white color to earthy tones, powder colors to cherry-red tones or noble black tones at Marble Systems. These tones will add extreme beauty to your kitchen.

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