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The Arcobaleno Terrazzo Collection is a modern update on the long and illustrious history of terrazzo. Like many timeless materials, terrazzo can be traced back all the way to 15th-century Italy. A composite material, it consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, and other materials. According to art historians, Venetian construction workers invented the tile when they used remnants of marble to construct the flooring in their homes.

This collection consists of pre-cast, 8-inch tiles in a sophisticated matte finish. Its name–Arcobaleno–means rainbow in Italian, a reference to the bright selection of colors available. It has nine pastel color variations inspired by the allure of nature.

The Arcobaleno Terrazzo Collection brings all the strength and lasting beauty of poured terrazzo, but it's so much simpler to install. Interior designers prefer colored epoxy terrazzo tiles due to their traditional beauty, durability, and low cost. Unlike stone, they do not crack. Unlike linoleum, they do not lose their shine. It is resistant to most chemical stains.

Ask your Marble Systems associate about creating patterns out of multiple colors to create feature walls and other interesting modular designs. The collection works well in all horizontal and vertical applications in residential and commercial interiors. It's particularly brilliant in the high-traffic spots of commercial properities. However, it suits quiet residences as well.