Mod Glam Decorative Marble

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Black, Snow White Honed Eames Marble Waterjet Decos

In Stock

Snow White, Black, Glacier Honed Parker Marble Waterjet Decos

12 1/16x12 1/16x3/8
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Black, Glacier, Brass Honed Emerson Marble Waterjet Decos

13 23/32x13 23/32x3/8
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Glacier, Snow White, Brass Multi Finish Blocks Marble Waterjet Decos

16 5/8x16 5/8x3/8
2-4 weeks lead time

Black, Snow White, Glacier Honed Bertoia Marble Waterjet Decos

11 15/16x17 13/16x3/8
2-4 weeks lead time

Black, Snow White, Brass Honed Panton Marble Waterjet Decos

11 7/32x14 7/16x3/8
2-4 weeks lead time

In the United States, the mid 20th Century (1930's through the mid 1960's) is regarded as one of the most recognized design windows of our time. Celebrated by scholars, museums and art aficionados, Mid Century Modern style has touched all of our lives. Our Mod Glam Collection portrays elements from interior and architectural developments from this era in 6 unique water jet patterns, named after the master influencers of this design period.

The MOD GLAM Collection is;
*Available by template or "made to Measure" on a special order basis.
*Fully Customizable from our expansive collection of stones.
*Suitable for interior residential & commercial wall or floor applications.
*Patterns incorporating brass are suitable for dry applications only.



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Res. Interior Walls

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